Magix Audio Cleaning Lab vs. Solutery Music Clean Master | Which one is Recommended?


When it comes to choosing between two music cleaning software, you need to know what can it do when it comes to cleaning music. Magix Audio Cleaning Lab and Solutery Music Clean Master both cleans and fixes music but differ on how they do it.

So, which software are we going to use?

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab vs. Solutery Music Clean Master

Before we say which one is recommended, let’s check out and compare both of this software when it comes to their function and features.

Let’s start with Solutery Music Clean Master

Solutery Music Clean Master

solutery music cleaner

Solutery is direct, user-friendly with no complexities upon usage. You can import your music from these sources, iTunes, Windows Media, dvd’s and others to Solutery. Once added, it cleans your music files by fixing its metadata or tags (artist, title, and album), checks for any duplicates tracks, removing the missing audio file, and a feature to import all the tracks of your choice to be imported to iTunes/Windows Media.

It does a good job on fixing the tracks using its features. If you’re trying to fix the metadata of an independent artist or local music artist it may partially fill up the data whatever it can grab online but if the track is made available it will be fixed 100%, and other users won’t experience the same issue.

solutery process

Since we all love music, we tend to download a lot and sometimes tend to forget if we already downloaded a certain song. That’s where Solutery comes in, it automatically detects any duplicates songs quickly and what you need to do is just select and delete it.

solutery music cleaner

For faster cleaning, you can just import a folder with your music or all of it and click the “Fix all” button

music cleaner solutery

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab

Magix cleans your audio in a different way, it removes noises like wind, rain, or any sound that was caught during recording, add effects like an audio commentary and edit the volume of the audio to your liking.


I personally find it useful when cleaning a audio recording and saved the edited one to any format available. The finished output can be then transferred to any device you have available whether smartphone, computer, and Hard drive.



Solutery Music Clean Master

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab

Intended Usage

  • Mainly fixes tags, save space by removing duplicates or missing files
  • Intended for cleaning and removing unwanted noise in an audio using tape recorders and improve music quality from an old vinyl music


  • Fixes tags of a  music file
  • Remove duplicate tracks
  • Delete missing audio track
  • Removes any noise coming from recordings from vinyl, cassette tapes, and other tape recorders.
  • Edit the volume of an audio
  • Add effects


  • Yes
  • Might be a little complex to some and needs time to be familiar


  • $39, one-time payment with lifetime updates
  • $49.99 with 30-day free trial


Both software is recommended for using it for cleaning an audio file, but it will depend on what are you going to use it.

Do you know what software you’re going to use?

If you got questions, feel free to comment and share if you like it.

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