How to Make Spotify Playlist – Simple Tip?

There might be situations when you want to download a lot of songs or audio files, customize them and use them. You might be looking for a one stop solution or a tool that can help you to download streaming media from any popular websites, make specific playlists and use them on your devices.

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Fortunately, Spotify can be your solution for all your needs. This feature-rich tool can help you to download from all popular websites such as Youtube and other social media sites, convert them to your desired format and use them on your mobile or other portable music player devices.

Let’s now have a look on the various features available in this application and how to use them:

How To Make Spotify Playlist

Create A Playlist

Using Spotify, it is very simple to create a playlist. All you have to do is to click on “New Playlist” and provide a name as per your choice. Once you have created a playlist, you can add as many songs to it. To add songs, press on “Add to” and choose the playlist to where you want them to be added.

Export A Playlist

There is no feature as such that allows you to save your playlists on any of your portable devices straight away. We have to manually save the playlists in your computer or any other devices. There are some applications that can help you to do it but it is difficult to use along with Spotify. Hence, if you want to export a particular playlist, you will have to take a backup of the playlist. To do so, you can directly drag and drop the playlist on your computer. It is as simple as that.

If you lose your playlist accidentally, you can recover them by just double-clicking on the backup file and you will see that your playlist is recovered. You will have to create a new playlist and copy the songs that you recovered as the playlist is not recovered as a whole.

Search A Playlist

There are a few ways which you can use to search from the Spotify playlist. The simplest way is to key-in the tag that you are looking for in the search field.

If you want to search for all songs of a particular genre, you can do so by clicking on the Browse button and choose the Genres. This will produce the result with the relevant tags of that genre of music.

The other way is to go to the website ( and search the music that you are looking for.

Download A Playlist

To have an offline access to the Spotify playlists, you can download them on your computer. To do so, you can use application such as Streaming Audio Recorder that allows you to download the playlists from Spotify when you become a premium member.


You just have to follow the below steps to download and use the Spotify playlists:

Download the Spotify playlist downloader application on your computer and install it. Launch the program.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version




Step 1: Once you launch the program, click on the “Record” button in the main window. Then start playing the songs that you want to download. Side by side, you will see that the program will record the songs.

Step 2: Once download is complete, you can add them to iTunes and sync with devices such as iPod or iPhone. For other Android devices and MP3 players, you can copy the songs to your respective devices and play them on the go.

It is really easy to make spotify playlist now. All you need to download the software and record all your favorite songs. Try it out and if you have any query then do let me know by commenting. If you find this article useful then do share it with your friends online.


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