MiniTool Power Data Recovery Review


I am sure you feel frustrated when your important files are deleted accidentally from your Computer, and you think there is no way to recover them. Most people believe that when the data are erased from a computer that means there is no way to get back that. But it’s not true. How do you recover the deleted files? There are some data recovery tools like Power Data Recovery which can solve this problem. So let’s see how Power Data Recovery helps you to get back the deleted files on your computer.


MiniTool launches the Power Data Recovery, and this tool can recover the erase files which can be lost for different reasons like, virus attack, hard Drive partition, formatting the computer, etc. The files can retrieve the data from various locations like CDs, DVDs, iPods, Hard Disk, Pen Drive and support multiple file systems like Joliet, UDF, NTFS, HFS+, FAT12/16/32. Power Data Recovery tool is well-matched with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8 and MAC OS X 10.5 and above.

When Power Data Recovery starts working on your computer, a screen will be open in front of you with various options which help you to recover your data. To get back the deleted files with Power Data Recovery is very easy and you don’t need technical knowledge to use it.

Key Features of MiniTool Power Data Recovery

The main screen gives you five different choices that can help you to retrieve the erase files. The options are:

Undelete Recovery: Suppose you delete a file accidentally, then use this option. It will start scanning the disk quickly.

Lost Partition Recovery: This mode can recover a deleted file from a partition, which is removed accidently or deleted intentionally when OS installation is needed.

Digital Media Recovery: This allows you to recover the file from media devices like iPod or flash drive.

CD/DVD Recovery: You can understand the work of this element by its name. This feature can retrieve the lost data from the voluntary disc. Like CDs and DVDs.

Damaged Partition Recovery:  The advantage of this mode is it can recover the deleted file from the partition even it is damaged or RAW. The way takes a lot of time to get back the lost data, but it depends on the capacity of the partition.

Power Data Recovery allows you to see the preview a file before recovering it. So you can understand the file which is found is the same file you want to recover. Another element of this tool is once it scans a device/media/disc the scan report is automatically saved, and it also saves your time when you scan the same device/media/drive.

You can find a FAQ page where you can get the whole scenario how Power Data Recovery works for you. The interface of this tool is so easy to use. So you don’t need any extra guidance or technical knowledge to run this tool.


MiniTool offers a sfree version which allows recovering 1 GB data. But if you need to retrieve more than 1 GB data, then you can go for paid version. This version can recover unlimited data. You can purchase this paid plan for $69.


After judging overall performance, I can say Power Data Recovery is very useful and gives you a perfect result when you retrieve the deleted files.

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