MobiKin Assistant for Android Review


I firmly believe that 98% of the people carry their own Smartphone and the popularity of Android devices are increased day by day because of its user-friendly usability. We can use our smartphone for various purpose like checking mail, contact people, messaging, etc. But still, Smartphone cannot take the place of a computer. For some works, we depend on the computer. Operating phone and computer at a time is difficult. It will be good if we get a PC Suite which helps us to manage our Smartphone from our computer.

MobiKin Assistant for Android Review

mobikin-assistantBefore it was hard to find this kind of technology with easy to use features, but now we get Mobikin Assistant for Android. So you can easily manage your Android powered Smartphone from your PC or Laptop.

Let’s see the features of MobiKin Assistant for Android

Maintaining Contact and Send SMS from Computer

After connecting your mobile to your computer, you can download the contact list from your phone.CSV file and can edit the list. You can add a new contact in the list or delete contact which is no longer needed. After the finalizing list, you can import it again in the phone with the help of this software.

You also can send SMS from your computer by using MobiKin Assistant for Android. So you can type the message fast as you usually do. Even you can save messages from your PC and after you can upload it on your phone.

Managing Application

You install many apps on your mobile, but you may not use all apps. Sometimes you forget to uninstall the apps which are not used, but those occupy the space of phone memory. With MobiKin Assistance for Android, you can identify the apps which are not working for you. So you can delete those apps to keep free the memory.

This software allows you to install the application to your phone from your PC.

Import and Export Media Files

You must use your Smartphone to take pictures and videos. The files are stored in different files. Sometimes it’s very tough to manage all the media files from your Android file manager. Mobikin Assistant for Android will rescue you from this problem. This PC suite can easily manage your media files from your computer. Not only that, you can import and export the media files from smartphone and computer with the help of this software.

Well-matched with most of Android Devices

The most important thing is that MobiKin Assistant for Android is compatible with most of Android OS powered phone. So that doesn’t matter which brand you are using. Just plug in your device to the computer and manage it with the great PC Suite.

Customer Support Service with Expert Team

MobiKin customer support service is notable. You can contact them any time, any day. They gladly give the answers to your questions and gives you the solution if you face any problem while you use their “Assistant for Android” software.

Final Words

This is a complete guide about MobiKin Assistant for Android. So download this amazing software and use your Smartphone and PC at the same time.

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