Most Android devices won’t get Android 6.0 update


Android 6.0 requires powerful hardware that means most Android devices won’t get Android 6.0 update.

Google will open the annual Google I / O developers conference this month on the 28th.We will get the latest generation of Android Andrew M (Android 6.0 or Android 5.2?). However, it said Android M will require improved hardware. So, most of devices will not receive Android 6.0 push.

 According AndroidPIT, it said that most Android devices will not get Android 6.0 upgrade. As we know, from Android 5.0, it supports 64-bit processors and more memory and more powerful hardware. Android 6.0 will need more powerful hardware to make sure the smooth operation. Even Nexus series, it will not all get the new update push. Older devices such as Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and so on, may stop at Android 5.1.

 According to previous reports, Android M will bring multi-window operation, a new notification mode supports Android Auto, Android TV supports the new features, and these features will indeed have higher hardware requirements. We are hoping to have more Android devices compatible with the new Android 6.0.


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