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Instant messaging or IM has become a very popular way for people to communicate with each other. Its popularity has increased dramatically over the last decade, and everyone has some form of instant messaging on their computers or smartphones today. Skype is a very popular instant messenger. The number of people using Skype today is more than the number of individuals who use regular text messaging.

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mSpy For Skype Review

mspy for skypeThere are a number of features which make Skype the ideal choice for many users. But, this can also lead to issues for spouses, parents and employers. There is room for mistakes. But with software like mSpy, everything can be monitored, and mistakes can be prevented from happening altogether.

mSpy is nothing but a monitoring software which can be installed on any computer or smartphone without the user’s knowledge. The software is untraceable and runs in stealth mode at all times.

Spying on Skype

This software comes with a number of features that let you monitor various aspects of a user’s device. There’s a special tool which allows you to spy on Skype activity in particular as well. Unfortunately, this only works on Android and iOS devices.

There are a number of businesses which give employees mobile devices for work. They also use Skype for meetings. With mSpy, they can monitor all Skype conversations and calls to ensure no confidential information is being shared.

Our children have smartphones and can access the internet with the greatest of ease. As a parent, it’s important to keep them safe during their developmental years. By using this application to monitor their usage, you can prevent any consequences which may tarnish them for life.

What Can You Expect?

Even though most monitoring software only provides you with basic monitoring features, they aren’t that effective. Some people might not even be using their cellular service to make phone calls. Instant messaging is used more widely and mSpy can monitor this too.

This has proven to be a popular choice among users since it provides access to detailed call logs and contact information as well as complete message threads and the time and date of each chat or call.

Skype Activity

All information regarding Skype activity can be accessed directly from the mSpy control panel with ease. There is no painstaking method to go through in order to find the Skype logs. The control panel comes with a separate Skype tab where all activity is available including the phone calls made or received, messages log, etc.

You also get to see the most recent activity through the activity log which makes it easier to find out what is happening at that very moment. It’s convenient if you’re looking for quick answers and can prove helpful when it comes to preventing illegal behavior.


There is no better way for you to track activity on any smartphone or computer today. If you want to monitor Skype, this is your best bet. The specialized features of this software will make your life a lot easier. So download it today.

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