Top 5 PDF to Word Online Converters


PDF to Word Online ConvertersPortable Document Folder or a PDF is of a lot of use if you want to do research or even present something to someone. It makes your work very easy and almost done. Most of the times you just need to make a few changes and a brand new report is ready. But making these few changes could be the problem. Converting a PDF file to Word is not at easy as it seems. The format of the PDF is completely ruined in the process of this copying process. If you decide to type it out, a PDF file of two or three pages can be typed. But it is almost impossible to type out a PDF file if it is of more pages than. At such times you need a software that can make the conversion from PDF to Word very simple. Here is a list of the Top 5 PDF to Word Online Converters.

Top 5 PDF to Word Online Converters

Wondershare PDF to Word Online

Wondershare PDF to Word Online is an online converter that lets you convert the desired PDF file to the Word format without having to download any software. If you have a fast internet connection, your work will be done quickly. All you have to do is select the file that you want to convert and then choose the format. Wondershare PDF to Word Online lets you convert PDF’s to Word in any of the formats like Word 2007-2010, Word 2003 and rtf format. You are also allowed to convert password protected pages. The only con one can find is that that it has a size limit.

PDF to Word OnlineScore

The PDF to Word Online is another online PDF converter that helps convert PDF documents into word format. All that is required of you is that you upload a file in order to convert it, select your inclinations in the pop up window and then click on convert. Your document will be converted in a matter of few minutes and will save you from hours of retyping and styling. PDF to Word Online does not change the layout of your original PDF file and also convert the images and preserves their quality. The cons of this converter are that it cannot convert files that are bigger than 1MB. Also, direct download is not supported and you have to enter your email address.

Free Online PDF to Word Converter 

Free Online PDF to Word Converter is that one top notch software that you will be able to find in all the top five lists. It has an amazing interface and mostly remains unrivaled because of that. The biggest advantage is that it is completely and absolutely free. Also you do not need to enter any personal information to start using it. The only disadvantage that one can find is that files larger than 50 MB cannot be converted. If you have a file that is smaller than that, I would certainly recommend Free Online PDF to Word Converter. 

PDF to Word Converter 

This is another application that is extremely reliable and helpful when it comes to PDF conversions. It is available for use by anyone and everyone without any kind of registration. With PDF to Word Converter not only can you convert your PDF file to the Word format but also to images and text files. One very noticeable flaw that you can find is that your output will be in a form that is compressed by zip. Also the size limit is only 50 MB. 


This is another online PDF to Word converter that is completely free and converts all your PDF files into Word documents in a matter of few minutes. The procedure is very simple and you will only be asked to upload a file to convert and provide an email address so that the converted document is emailed to you. One very big advantage of using PDFWORD is that you can edit the converted document too. It does not support direct download, other than that it does not really have any other flaws.

I hope this Top 5 PDF to Word Online Converters article was of help to you. Do let me know via comments.

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