pdfDocs Review | Manage Complex PDF Documents Easily


With the advent of high-speed internet, document distribution has steadily become an essential part of many business operations today. If you are aspiring to create impressive presentations, edit existing ones or distribute the contents as quickly as possible, you definitely need an all-complete PDF reader alternative packed with feature-rich functionalities.

pdfDocs Review | Manage Complex PDF Documents Easily

Designed by DocsCorp, pdfDocs provides business management solutions to create complex PDF documents and electronic binders as well as distribute them easily. It is critically designed as a PDF management app allowing users to perform a comprehensive range of documentation works such as creating, securing, annotating and editing PDF contents. This document management system also lets users print outputs, send emails on different channels and save documents, all in one intuitive working platform. Despite its extensive features and a unique ability to integrate with business apps, pdfDocs is not free but still offers users limited free trial.

Of course, pdfDocs is not only limited to document creation and editing functions. It can produce electronic PDF binders which automates the file creation process by converting huge numbers of documents into single or multiple PDFs. This process enables users to distribute PDFs to third-party recipients fast and secure using emails, websites and cloud services. Depending on your specific requirements, pdfDocs is available in standard, enterprise, and professional editions.

What to Expect from pdfDocs

pdfDocs offers a wide range of file management solutions to complement your humongous office documentation needs. You can sort out documents or collect data from various sources in accordance with project category and specific details. Copying or extracting the contents is not restricted. You can copy them directly to other working platforms or convert them to another file format. Moreover, there are comprehensive editing tools provided to help you enhance PDFs by putting watermarks, page numbers, headers/footer and file security settings.

pdfDocs has the best capacity to make PDFs digitally connected. Electronic redaction allows users to delete some contents or confidential information anywhere in the document. pdfDocs has its own unique way to acquire business information through creating PDF forms where you can apply digital signatures to facilitate the approval process better. Marking up PDF documents and annotating are also included as part of the reviewing process.

An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) enables you to scan and extract contents from documents with scanned images and transfer them to another program. You can also generate links to help you share PDF documents in various online channels and business platforms.


  • File creation, PDF annotation, document editing, content deletion (redaction)
  • Multiple user interfaces, excellent navigation pane design and toolbar layout options
  • Conversion of PDF to Word document and text file
  • Convenient viewing of documents using zoom functions, search tools, and page view options
  • OCR functionality
  • Advanced PDF security features on higher versions
  • Accessible to large PDF files such as textbooks and journals


  • Additional cost for advanced editions (professional and enterprise)

Managing complex PDF documents becomes a lot easier with the inception of pdfDocs in the business world. Indeed, you can experience optimum levels of office productivity and efficiency in creating documents as well as sharing communication documents whether on a network drive or internet.

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