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Music Availability is accessible now a days especially online due to Music streaming sites like Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Apple Music and more. Each of these music streaming sites have over a million catalogs, curated playlists and excellent audio quality to have the best music listening experience.


So how do we download all the music and save it to our devices like PC, Android and iOS?


As you know that each music streaming sites have songs, titles, artists which are not available. Reasons to some is that they just want to be compensated fairly which is very reasonable on their part. This doesn’t mean that all songs can’t be downloaded but we can download music nad not in just one music streaming site.


In regards with acquiring all the music we want, what we need is a quick, easy tool that can:


  • Get the music in any music streaming sites,
  • Automatically inputs artists,titles and albums while downloading
  • Save it as MP3 without sacrificing its audio quality
  • Easy, clear and efficient


Music streaming sites release lossless audio quality when you subscribe to their upgrades to their subscriptions.

Since we are able to do it for free due to free trial then downloading music with great audio quality is within our reach.

As i have researched for different tools that can download music, there is one that i found as the best of them all and that is Cinch Audio Recorder.

Some of the audio recorders like Wondershare (one of the popular audio recorders) needs a Virtual sound card which is a hassle for users in switching the sound card back and forth when downloading music or not.

Some have issues with their ID3 tagging function which is important in organizing users music.

There are no issues when I tried Cinch Audio Recorder that’s why i dub it as the best tool for recording music out there on the net whether software or an app.


What is Cinch Audio Recorder?

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

Cinch Audio recorder is not a music downloader per se but records music with high audio quality. Whether your music is streamed at Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, Amazon, and Youtube, Cinch can do it.  Its interface is simple, clear, concise, intuitive, responsive and consistent.

Recording audio is Cinch good at and organizing by tagging it 100% will make your copying music life much more easier. A plus feature of adding a cover art will categorize your track per album. 


How does Cinch Audio Recorder works?


First: Open Cinch after download and installation is done. Play tracks that you like in any music streaming site.

cinch audio-recorder-user-guide

Second: Click “Start Recording” and wait. 

Click “Stop Recording” after the tracks ends

Third: Wait for 8-15 seconds or less for your recorded music to be completed.


Do the following steps repeatedly or you can just play an entire album and record it. Even if it has some ads on it Cinch will remove that for you automatically. Just edit the settings to your preference.


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