PhantomPDF Review | All-in-one PDF Creator


Developed by Foxit software, PhantomPDF delivers an all-complete PDF creation setup, armed with the best editing features you’ll definitely need, all in one interactive desktop app. You can select among Standard, Business and Education versions wherein each one offers a separate set of exciting features that will fit your exact needs.

PhantomPDF Review | All-in-one PDF Creator


Explore Endless Possibilities with PhantomPDF

PhantomPDF features the ConnectedPDF technology which enables full integration between PDFs and different cloud-based services. Through this feature, you can track down document activities of those who access your file or notify readers for any update. It provides high-quality PDF security that protects your files from unauthorized access and online hacking. In addition to this, it promotes efficient working team environment through collaborative and active file sharing among connected users.

PhantomPDF viewer extends an extra mile of effort when talking about effective document management solutions. A set of editing toolbar enables you to create new PDFs in a professional look. Text box modification, font style adjustments, and paragraph editing are some basic editing features you can enjoy with PhantomPDF. At the same time, you can perform regular document updates in multiple PDFs by adding page numbers, headers, footers, watermarks and the list goes on.

With PhantomPDF, you are allowed to organize the contents as well as manipulate multiple PDFs and combine them into one file. You can merge one file to another file or split an existing PDF into multiple parts. A drag-and-drop support also enables you to insert pages from one source to another PDF. Apart from this, PhantomPDF has the best ability to crop images, rotate PDF pages and delete some contents within the source file.

PhantomPDF can virtually connect the best minds within the organization together to increase business productivity. You can utilize all available cloud-based storage facilities and file sharing apps with PhantomPDF for better team collaboration. More than this, you can create new PDFs, portfolios, and forms the professional way from multiple file formats. Start your own PDF portfolio by merging two or more files together or produce a PDF form for data collection.

PhantomPDF has the best performance when converting Microsoft Office documents to PDF. You can also convert websites to PDF from popular browsers like Firefox, IE and Google Chrome. From PDF file formats, you can convert them to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint without altering the output quality. The same thing happens when contents from PDFs are converted to image and HTML formats.

More Practical Document Solutions from PhantomPDF

PhantomPDF has a built-in OCR feature that helps you convert scanned hardcopy files into PDFs. The OCR options make PDFs with scanned documents and images searchable and editable. When securing classified information and digital signatures matter to your business, you can always depend on its multiple file security options. PDF redaction process will allow you to delete sensitive text and images within the document permanently.

Know the Cons

  • PhantomPDF viewer and editor is not a free software
  • Some useful features are not available on standard version
  • Slow processing on large-size PDFs such as textbooks, journals and literature works

Having PhantomPDF installed in your system will complement your daily documentation needs with ease. Indeed, achieving your business objective becomes a lot easier when your team shares information more efficiently.

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