How to Record Audio from Podcast using Audials One 2018?

The podcast may seem not too important for other people but it is steadily increasing these past few months of the year 2017.

Why do a lot of people listen to Podcast?

A lot of people find it more of a way to connect with other people. Unlike reading the article you may find online, you will really feel the emotions and understand what he/she is really saying. It gives the opportunity to the listeners to know more of that person or host.

A lot of people want to hear stories, check out their favorite host and be amused.

Due to the rise in traffic, people would prefer to hear podcast instead of reading the blog post and watch videos while driving.

Most of us are busy at work or need to go some places and miss out some of the good shows on Podcast. But you can always listen and download them anytime.

What you only need is Audials One 2018.

Audials is been great over the years providing the people the entertainment and the option to listen to them anytime they want. Its features help you to listen and record an important show and be able to listen to them again or in some other time.

How to Record Audio from Podcast using Audials One 2018?

Download Audials One 2018Click Here

Once you have downloaded and installed Audials One 2018, click the Podcast menu. That will be the 4th starting from the top.

Browse different categories of entertainment either audio or video.

Check out the image below for reference.

Audials Dashboard

After selecting a specific category, lists of shows will appear.

If you find that show amusing then add it to your favorite list, a star icon in line with the search box.

Select the show and it will appear on the right side with details and description. If you want to hear what’s going on, click the Play button. If that is the show you want to listen, then click the Record button.

You can choose which episode you would like to record and if you think there is an upcoming episode, try to click the Refresh button if it doesn’t appear.

If you wish to record all of the show, then beside the record button, click the Audio Tracks and it will start recording all the episodes.

Key Features of Audials One 2018

Choosing Audio Format

You can select from various audio format available with the specific bitrate you want.

A lot of choices are available for any device you may have.


If you think you need to adjust the sound, after selecting the show click the Equalizer button in line with the controls on the right side.

Social Sharing

If you love the show and would like a friend to hear it, then share it on Facebook. It’s located on the right side by clicking the more button.

Never miss a show again and listen to it at a later date when you’re not busy.

Do you have a show to suggest?

Comment your suggestion, it will be highly appreciated.

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