How to Record Music from Radio Stations using Audials One 2018?

Listening to radios nowadays has improved so much.

Its availability online can reach more listeners from all over the world. Most online radio station websites are only available locally.

What if you can listen and record radio stations from all over the world?

It is possible if you have the right tool.

Audials One 2018 is a multi-featured software that provides you this feature. There are more features but for now, let’s focus on one feature.


How to Record Music from Radio Stations using Audials One 2018?

Download Audials One 2018Click Here

After installation, hover your mouse over the menu tabs on the left side. Below the home icon that is the radio menu, click the Radio icon button.

You will see this window below as reference

Audial Trial 1

There are two tabs/categories for this menu and that is Genres and Countries.

This option is available for which specific radio station you want to listen. If you like some radio stations in a specific country, just browse and save them as your favorites.

If you don’t care about the countries then choose by Genre. It will be more specific

Recording a Station

Choose a radio station and the station chosen will show on the right side, click the Play button for listening to the music or audio before recording.

Mass Recording

If you would like to record multiple radio stations, select your favorite stations and save them as My favorites. Once done, go to your list of favorite radio stations and click the Mass recording button.

If you like to record all the stations then select “All.”

Searching by Station

Upon your search for a radio station, you like and could not find them, use the Search box.

Number of Audio to Record

You can control how many tracks, the hours to record, the amount of file size, and time to end the recording.

To do this, check the “JOB” button

Song Track

Managing Stations

You can control what stations to appear on your list. Either you want to display stations that provide complete songs or the songs with high-quality audio. If it’s a hassle for you, you can choose the balance option to show complete and high-quality.

There are a lot of station reaching up to 100, 000 and more.

Audials Manage Station

High-Quality Audio

Choosing the quality of the recorded audio and the type of format can be done by clicking ‘More Settings.”

You can select the bitrate per audio format (MP3, WMA, AAC).

Audials High Quality Audio

Choosing an Audio Format

Below, click “Format Original.” Choose the type of audio from the list of available. You have a wide selection of any device available.

Using Audials One 2018, you can mostly do more than other software. It’s easy to use even its advanced features. I hope you find this article useful; now it is time for you to make it beneficial for others too by sharing it. Do try it and share in your experience by commenting.

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