How to Record Music from Live365 Using Cinch Audio Recorder

Live365 has been one of the earlier internet broadcast and radio station platforms. It existed since the Year 1999.  It closed momentarily last Year 2016 because of the imposition of high royalties.  It revived its operation recently in the Year 2017.  In comparison with its competitors, its unique positioning is that it allows users to create their own online radio stations and earn from it.

You can listen to over hundreds of radio stations coming from a variety of genres such us Classical, Jazz, Dance, Rock, Gospel, Oldies, Hip-Hop, R&B and a lot more.  There are even talks of varying topics such as business, finance, fashion, trends, and anything that might interest them.  You can enjoy these for free after creating an account with Live365.  This comes with an inline streaming advertisements that distract you from your listening session.    You can get a paid subscription if you don’t like these ads running in the middle of your favorite show.    This is available on the worldwide web or in mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle Fire.

What’s so fascinating about Live365?

What’s so interesting about Live365 is that you can earn from it.  Create your own radio station, identify the genre that you want for music, or, a topic of your online radio talk show, and air it over the internet. Live365 will give you revenue for running ads within your broadcast. Ad breaks can either be 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds long.  You are required to run a total of 4 minutes per hour, but you can do more to maximize revenue. Having your radio station with Live365 is very easy because you will be given a broadcast platform, software and other tools necessary for you to run your own program and to be your station’s DJ. You can then air it 24/7 online with a guaranteed reach to over millions of users.    

You can immediately start your station with a free 7-day trial giving you time to evaluate.  If you are enjoying and contented with your broadcasts, you may opt to get a paid station and choose from these three monthly price options: $59, $99 and $199. All three packages can already give you unlimited listeners, unlimited bandwidth, 128 kbps bitrate; you can broadcast live, music licensing, monetization where you can earn from it.   The packages only differ in US TLH and storage size.

Download Cinch Audio RecorderClick Here

Whether you are a listener or a radio broadcaster in Live365, you need to record the show to really enjoy the music you like anytime and anywhere without the need for a good internet connection.  You should also record online radio talk shows that interests you so that you will be able to review it in case you miss an important information discussed in the show. 

Recording Live365 Music Using Cinch Audio Recorder

Cinch Audio Recorder is a useful tool that can record any radio show that you like.  The most important is that you should have it by installing it on your computer.


Open your favorite radio station (if you are a listener) or start your show (if you are a broadcaster) while launching Cinch Audio Recorder.  

live365 dashboard

Click the record button when you want to start recording.  It’s the square one that you’ll find at the upper left corner of its interface.

start recording

Click it again if you want to stop recording.  Your show is automatically saved as MP3 which can be saved in computer or in any mobile device.

Don’t worry about ads running in between shows of the song because Cinch has a feature that automatically records songs separately.  You don’t have to manually turn the recording on and off after each song when ads are running. You just simply leave it on and just stop after you are done with the entire show.

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