How to Recover Deleted Contacts from HTC Phone?


Contacts are undoubtedly the most important piece of data in a mobile phone and if you lose them your phone is rendered practically useless. It is very important to back up your data to your computer. To do this you can make use of the authorized data backup software suitable to your device.

For HTC you can make use of HTC Sync Manager. But there are times when you lose data before you have taken a backup. At such times you can make use of Android Data Recovery Software. Here is how you  can recover deleted contacts from your HTC device using Android  Data Recovery.

Recover Deleted Contacts From HTC Phone

Step 1: Stop Operating HTC Once Losing Data

Once you see that your data is lost stop using your HTC device at once. If you continue using your device you might end up loosing your data permanently as it can be easily overwritten.

Step 2: Download and Install Data Recovery Software

Download Windows version Download MAC version

After downloading the Software, install and run it on your computer. Then connect your HTC to PC via the USB cable and do not disconnect your phone from the computer in the duration of the entire process.

connect-android-to-pcDo not forget to enable USB debugging on your device. For doing this, go to Settings>About>Software Information>More. Then click on the “Build Numbers” seven times to activate developer mode. Go back to the Settings interface and tap the “Developer Options” and check the box next to “USB Debugging”.

Step 3: Scan your HTC mobile and analyze lost contacts

select-contactsIn the latest version of Android Data Recovery, it allows you to selectively choose the type of files you want to scan. You can choose “Contacts“, “Photos” or “Videos“. Here select Contacts.

click-allow-to-scan-androidWhen your phone is detected, you will be requested to tap “Allow” to pass the request from the program so that the process of recovering is trouble-free. Make sure that the battery of your phone is above 20%. The scanning process will a few minutes. Stop the scan as soon as you see Contacts in scanned results.

Step 4: Preview and selectively get back your phone lists

recover-contact-from-androidAfter your data has been scanned select all the contacts that you want back in your phone and click on “Recover”. It will then store all the data onto your computer which can be then used.

I hope this How to Recover Deleted Contacts from HTC Phone was of use to you. Do try the steps listed above and if you have any query then do let me know by commenting. If you find this article useful then do share it online.

Download Windows version Download MAC version

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