How to Recover Deleted Messages from HTC Phone?


It is really very easy to lose all your messages from your HTC phone. at such times you are helpless. But did you know you can recover them very quickly with the help of an amazing software known as Android Data Recovery. Here is how you can recover your lost messages from your HTC phone using Android Data Recovery.

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Recover Deleted Messages From HTC Phone

Once you have noticed that messages from your phone are missing, switch off the auto-sync feature as you don’t want your messages to be overwritten by emails or any other messages received from anywhere. Just make sure not to add or delete anything once you notice your HTC text messages lost. 

Step 1: Complete installation and launch the app 


Primarily, download the suitable version of Android Data Recovery and then install it. After successfully installing the program, run it on your computer.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging and connect your HTC to PC


Now, connect your HTC device to computer and then check and make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your Android phone. The following are the directions to enable USB debugging on your HTC phone:

Go to Settings>About>Software Information>More>Build Number. Tap “Build number” seven times, then go back to Settings and choose “Developer option“. Check the box besides “USB Debugging” to enable it. 

Step 3: Scan your HTC for preparation


After the completion of step two, your HTC will be detected automatically by the app. Now wait for a few minutes for the scanning process to complete. After that is done select whatever you want to recover. You are allowed to choose “Contacts” “Messaging” “Videos“, and so on. Select Messaging.

Step 4: Preview and retrieve messages from HTC


Now you can preview your messages. You also have an option of selectively restoring your messages instead of scanning all the data including Contacts, Gallery and Videos. When the program shows you the scanning results, preview and check your messages one by one. Then just select those you want and click “Recover“. The program will save your wanted messages on the computer. Your messages are now on your computer. All you have to do is transfer all of them to your phone.

I hope this How to Recover Deleted Messages from HTC Phone article was of help to you. Do try the steps listed above and if you have any query then do let me know by commenting.

Download Windows version Download MAC version

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