How to Recover Deleted Video From iPhone?

Sometimes we are supplied with too much data that we often delete some unwanted videos. Also remember that accidental or not, deleting videos is inevitable. But it becomes a whole new twist in the story when you find out that an important thing is not witnessed by you in the same video which you have recently deleted. And now the question arises is that how will you get back your deleted video?

IPhone Data Recovery is the one stop solution for this query of yours. This software has the ability of retrieving all your lost and deleted videos be it any formats which include MP4, Flash, 3GP, AVI. Etc. but before you start downloading this software, I would happily inform you that this software provides three ways in which you can get your deleted videos back which are as follows:

  • Part 1. Direct recovery from the iPhone
  • Part 2. Regain it from iTunes Backup File
  • Part 3. Rescuing from iCloud Backup

Recover Deleted Videos From iPhone

Following is the brief description of every method which you can follow to get back your lost videos. First you will have to download iOS Data Recovery Software:





Restore Video Tape Directly from iPhone

Step 1: Connect your Device to Computer

Launch iPhone Data Recovery on your computer and connect to your iPhone with USB cable.


Step 2: Select and Recover Lost Video

For just a few seconds, your lost data will be displayed on the interface as below. You can preview them before deciding which files you want to retrieve. After choosing, click “Recover” to get back your files.


Note: Method above fits only to iPhone 4/3GS, iPad 1, iPod touch 4.


Warm tips: It is convenient in using the help of iPhone Data Recovery to get back lost information. But it is always the best option to regularly back up your iPhone and use iTunes or iCloud to store your media files, that way if you accidentally delete something, you can still use iPhone Data Recovery to get them back.

I hope this article helps you to get all your deleted videos from iPhone. Do download the free trial version of the software now to experience its awesome features. Do try it and if you have any query then do let me know by commenting.




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