How to Recover Deleted Voicemail on iPhone?


Sending voicemails is much easier than typing long electronic mails for your long distance friends. Also many of you might have paid for FYI to obtain you saved voice messages on the store on the phone carrier’s server. But still there are risks of losing your voicemails incase of an iPhone breakdown. So to get back your deleted voicemails you need to get a software named iPhone Data Recovery which is such a spectacular tool for getting all your lost voicemails back without mattering if you are a Mac or a Windows user. Get this software installed into your PC and you will know how this software exactly works as you go reading below.





One good thing about this software is that this program gives you three different ways through which you can recover you erased voicemails. All the three methods which are:

Method 1. Recovering Directly from the iPhone

Method 2. Regaining from the iTunes Backup

Method 3. Retrieving from the iCloud backup

Are described below briefly so that you will get to know which method suits you best by reading further.

Recover Deleted voicemail on iPhone

Method 1. Recovering Directly from the iPhone.

Step 1. After you download the tool, install the iPhone Data Recovery Program and run it. Next you have to do is enable your iPhone connection to your computer using the USC Cables.

scan ios

Step 2. Now you are already in the scanning mode. Here, after your device gets detected, you can start scanning and when the scan gets completed, you will get a clear list of all the content data on the screen which was there on your iPhone listed into their respective categories.


Step 3. Now you are all set to download and recover your lost voicemails. All you need to just click the “voicemail” tab and then choose the voice sections which you wish to recover and at last hit the “recover” button to get them all back.


Method 2. Regaining from iTunes Backup.

Step 1. Well you are lucky enough if you have kept the voicemail backup in the iTunes by synchronising it. To get the lost voicemails back from iTunes you simply need to choose “recover from iTunes backup file” and then select your iPhone backup present there in the iTunes.


Step 2. The below shown interface will appear on the screen which is almost similar to the one which you got while “direct recovery from the device (iPhone)” method. You, here, now again need to click on the “voicemail” tab and then opt for the voice sections which you need to get back to you and finally click the “recover” button to get them back.


Method 3. Retrieving from iCloud Backup.

Step 1. For those who have their backups synced in the iCloud, get logged into your iCloud account and opt for the third mode which says “recover from iCloud Backup” present on the homepage. Fill up the boxes with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2. After you get into your account, all the backup present on the iCloud will be displayed to you and you just have to select the latest one and click on the “download” tab and lastly it is all recovered now.



So this was how iPhone data recovery works best for recovering your lost voice mails. It is strongly recommended that you keep your data backed up or synced. Try using this software and do let us know your comments in the below box.






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