How to Recover Lost Files from Android SD Card?


Our phones are storehouses for various data files, be it system files, data files or data like pictures, videos or anything. Often the space in our phones is not enough for this data and we insert external drives to our phones to store it. But these external storage devices are also susceptible to loss of files due to various reasons like a virus infestation, corruption of files, and reset of data settings or even accidental deletion. And important data may be lost.

If you want to retrieve this data you can make use of a software known as Android Data Recovery for the same. Here is how you can make use of Android Data Recovery to recover lost files from your SD card.

Recover Lost Files From Android SD Card

Step 1: Prevent Your Files from Being Overwritten


Once you find out that your SD card is missing files, you should stop the use of your device which has the SD card. Otherwise the files that you have lost will be overwritten. Do not update any applications or even download something new.

Step 2: Run Android Data Recovery Program

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The second thing that will be required of you is that download Android Data Recovery software. You can do his by clicking on the download button on this page. After you have downloaded the software, install it. The installation process won’t take a lot of time. Now run the software on your computer.

Step 3: Connect SD Card to the Computer


Now, you will have to connect your SD card to the computer so that Android Data Recovery can scan it. To do this, insert your SD card in a card reader and connect the card reader to the computer, then click on the “Next” button to move to the next step. The Software will now scan to detect your software. When your SD card is detected, a message will show on the interface with the size and name. Select it and press “Next” button. 


Step 4: Analyze and Scan Your Android SD Card


Now after your SD card is successfully detected, the software will start scanning for your lost files. The software will start scanning your SD card for the lost files. But you need to remember that you can only restore photos, videos, audio files and documents from SD Card.

Step 5: Preview and Recover Data From Android SD Cards


After the scan is over, an organized list of all the data that is available on your SD will appear on your screen. You can also preview these files. Then select the files that you want to recover from your SD card and click on the “Recover” button.

Isn’t it very easy? I thought so too. I hope this ‘How to Recover Lost Files from Android SD Card’ article was of help to you. Do let me know via comments.


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