How to Recover Lost Messages after Upgrading to iOS 8?


Everyone is aware of the new update which the iPhone has got after upgrading to IOS 8. Some these are the Apple Pay, SMS Call forwarding, new stickers, emoji’s or emoticons, etc which has led to a very user-friendly interface making it the fastest and smoothest working phone ever. But in the excitement of getting upgraded to a new version I would like you to warn you and make you aware about saving your important data which can be like SMS’S, contacts, videos, photos or more.




But if I am late to inform and you have already lost your data while upgrading, I hope that I am on time to make you know about this software which works wonderfully and brings back your lost statistics. IOS Data Recovery can be installed into your PC and then all your lost messages can be recovered easily. Read on to know more how exactly this software works and can be useful to you.

Recover Lost Messages from iPhone IOS 8

Step 1. Very firstly you need to download. Install and run the software- IOS Data Recovery on your PC. After this connect your device to the computer using the USB Cables and then click the “start scan” button to begin scanning and load all your data on the iPhone.

scan ios

Step 2. Within no time, the scanning gets over and all the content data will be displayed within their respective categories on the column at left. Click on the “messages” option and you will get all the threaded conversations listed. It is very easy to find the delete ones as they are highlighted in red.




Step 3. Preview analyse your message conversation and select those you want to recover by ticking on them and hit the “recover” button to get your texts back to you along with the attachments present.

Now you are well aware of how to get your lost messages recovered back to you. So next if the case is same follow these handy steps to get all messages recovered. This software IOS Data Recovery also allows you to recover from the iTunes and iCloud backups too. The steps are almost similar to while recovering from these both drives. Remember to keep backing up your data regularly and do not perform any syncing or updating task when you have your data lost or else the lost one will get lost forever. So try using this software and do let us know your views below about recovering lost messages.



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