How to Remove DRM Using Cinch Audio Recorder?


Nowadays, it’s hard to download your favorite songs due to Digital Rights Management (DRM). Music is available to stream at different music streaming sites but you’re only able to download it for offline use. To be able to download songs from any music streaming sites without worrying about DRM is an audio recorder software. The audio recorder is the best alternative method to remove DRM using Cinch Audio Recorder.

What is Cinch Audio Recorder?

It’s an audio recorder software that is able to record songs same as downloading but the difference is you don’t have to worry about copyright.

Cinch is a straightforward software where anyone is able to use it without difficulty.

cinch recorder screen

A software that’s great for recording music at any music streaming sites.

How to Use Cinch Audio Recorder?

Step 1: Download Cinch Audio Recorder (Windows/Mac)

After installation, the software is on a free trial where you’re limited to record 5 songs.

For unlimited recordings, register the software by purchasing a license/keycode.

Step 2: Launch Cinch Audio Recorder

Step 3: Open any music streaming site on your browser.

Step 4: Click start recording on Cinch Audio Recorder.

start recording

Step 5: Play the music you love, example at Spotify


Step 6: Cinch will start recording.

For a Single Track

Click stop recording when a song is finished. The song will then be saved and appear on Cinch playlist menu. The tags are already saved automatically which are the title, album, and artist.

For Multiple Tracks

When you’re playing a playlist, try to click stop recording when all of the songs are recorded. The songs recorded are saved as MP3 audio format and as a single file. To save it separately, you need to change the settings for automatic splitting to random. This can be done in the settings menu.

What to Expect?


If the songs recorded are of high-quality, so as the saved music with a bitrate of 320 kbp/s. If the songs played are below 320 kbp/s, the song recorded will still be the same quality.


The Id3 tagging feature of Cinch is the best among all audio recorders which have a percentage of near 100% accuracy. Every time you record, the tags will be automatically be inputted with ease.

Lossless WAV

Recording a music having a quality of lossless and as a WAV file is possible. Be advised that if you pursue to continue to record, a five-minute audio will have a file size of 50MB.

Sound Card

The amazing thing when you use Cinch is you don’t have to download any virtual sound card for the audio recorder to work. You just need to launch the software and start to record.

Other Features

Although Cinch is not packed with lot’s of features but one useful feature it has that most will definitely like is to be able to record a song and save it as a ringtone.

Cinch is able to record any music on any site.

Got any copyright music you want to download?

Try Cinch and leave a comment on how it works for you.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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