How to Restore Firmware on an iPhone?


Many of the iPhone users are nowadays familiar with DFU Mode in the device which is used at the time of rescue when something goes wrong while upgrading or downgrading the firmware in the iPhone non automatically or you can say physically by your own hand. Well, for further more information I would like to make you aware of some more two new methods to enter the DFU Mode which work conveniently with all the IOS Devices like iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Below are the two methods through which you can enter into DFU Mode.

Restore Firmware on an iPhone

Method 1. Entering Recovery Mode to Recover your iPhone

Method 2. Recover in Black Screen (DFU Mode)

Let us know visit each method briefly and know how these methods can be applied step wisely.





Method 1: Entering Recovery Mode to Recover your iPhone

This is the most common method used by iPhone users to recover their lost iPhone Data. All you need to do is

Step 1: Turn off or shut down (boot) your iPhone.

Step 2: When the iPhone is off you need to press hold the “power” and “home” button together at the same instant.

Step 3: When you keep these two buttons pressed for a long time, the Apple logo will appear on your screen and soon as you see the logo, release the “power” button but hold on to the “home” button.

Step 4: After this you have to plug your iPhone in and after some time the screen will display “connect to iTunes”.

firmware update

Step 5: Run the iTunes on your PC and when reminded by iTunes to enter the recovery mode, press “shift” on the keyboard and click “recover”. Now you need to select the firmware to retrieve your iPhone immediately.


Method 2: Recover in Black Screen (DFU Mode)

Step 1: Plug your iPhone through the USB Cables into the PC.

Step 2: After the device gets connected, turn off your device.

Step 3: Hold the “power” and “home” button alternately. Release the “power” button after 10 seconds but hold on to the “home” button.

Step 4: Now you will notice that the iTunes will start on its own and a popup dialog box  will appear asking for you to enter the recovery mode. The device be in black screen only.

recovery itunes

Step 5: Press the “shift” button on the keyboard and click “recover”. Select the type of firmware to recover your device.

So these were the two methods which will let you recover your iPhone and be a solution to the firmware query. Do not forget to ask your doubts or share anything in the comment box below.

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