How to Restore Notes from iCloud?


There are various note-apps for iPhone which may be like Evernote, vesper, drafts, notability, aNote. Etc. And also do the iPhone users have the habbit of creating their notes in the provided iPhone’s notes-app. But what would you do when on one fine day you literate that some of your notes are missing? Well now if you have your iPhone synced to the iCloud, you certainly are lucky enough to grab a chance to restore lost notes from iCloud.





But how do you exactly do it? Ok here’s an application called the iPhone Data Recovery which is going to assist you in restoring lost notes from iCloud. Read this guide to know how to restore notes from iCloud using iPhone Data Recovery.

Restore Notes from iCloud

Step 1. Logging into your iCloud Account

Choose the “recover” option from the iCloud when the two boxes appear fill in your Apple ID and password and a window like below will appear.


Step 2. Downloading of Data.

As soon as you login, all the backup files present will be listed on the screen and select the one’s which contain your required data. After selecting hit the “download” button to get the whole ticked content downloaded.


Step 3. Final Recovery of Notes.

Tick on the box displaying “notes” and preview and select those which contain your lost data and hit the “recovery” button when you are done.


Hope this was a helpful article and you find it easy to recover notes from iCloud using iPhone Data Recovery. Remember to backup your data regularly to the iCloud. Incase you become aware that your notes are nowhere available, you can use this software- iPhone Data Recovery and restore notes from iCloud. All your queries and suggestions are warmly welcomed in the comment box which are given below.





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