How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone?


The only reason which I can so far think for deleting the text messages in your phone is either they are inappropriate or irrelevant to your needs. But someday, you may realise that the text messages which were once not at all useful to you is now urgently needed and you have no idea what to do about it? Well worry not, I too was in search of solution to this query and here’s what I found.




iPhone Data Recovery is such a spectacular software with whose help you can recover or regain all your deleted or lost text messages with the three different methods which the software provides. The methods are listed below and you can follow the suitable one after you read it full briefly and get the program downloaded and installed.


Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

Method 1. Direct Recovery or Retrieving Method

Step 1. Download, install and run the software and also connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB Cables. The below shown interface will appear.

scan ios

Step 2. Hit the “start scan” button present on the interface and the whole device will get scanned within a few minutes.



Step 3. As soon as the scanning process gets completed, you can preview the whole iPhone text log which will be listed in categories and choose the SMS’s that you want to recover by ticking on them. When done with selecting your SMS’s you can click on the “recover” button to restore all your desired one’s into the PC.


Method 2. Retrieving from the iTunes Backup File

This another method of recovery where you don’t need to connect your PC and phones. Instead you can just regain it all from the iTunes if you have the Backup performed before. Follow these:

Step 1. When you get iTunes launched on your PC, you must select “recover from iTunes Backup File”. Soon all the files will get scanned and listed where you can tick on those you want to retrieve and then click “scan”.


Step 2. After it gets all the displayed on your screen, you preview it all and tick on the one’s which you wish to get back and hit the “recover” button when you finally want to get it all back and within no time everything will be regained.


Part 3: Excerpting from iCloud Backup Files

Step 1. Here as shown below, hit on the “recover from iCloud Backup Files” and then get logged in to your Apple ID. After you get into your account, download the backed up files and just click scan to extract the data.

Step 2. Soon the list of entire data will be displayed when the scan is completed and now you can go on ticking the ones you desire to get back. All your data along with attachments in the selected text messages will be recovered and you can choose to save them onto your PC by clicking on the “restore”.




Wasn’t it easy? One thing I would like to strongly suggest is to keep backing up data regularly and another thing is that remember to not update or sync anything after your data is lost or else the data gets overwritten and lost forever. Try using this software and do let us know your comments below.




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