How to Retrieve Photos from iCloud Backup?


You are very lucky if you have backed up your photos to the iCloud it is very easy for you to get your lost or erased photos back to you. But how do you get them actually retrieved? Here is how you do it successfully. IPhone Data Recovery is such a software which helps you in retrieving back your lost photos from the backup saved in iCloud. Just read on this guide and then get the iPhone data recovery software downloaded to you so that you can retrieve photos from the iCloud. 




Recover Photos from iCloud Backup.

Step 1. Launching the Software.

Very firstly you need to enter your iCloud by signing up using your apple id and password. Now launch or run the iPhone data recovery software and opt the third option which says “recover from iCloud backup file”. 


Step 2. Checking and Downloading. 

When you enter your iCloud with the iPhone data recovery software running in background, a list of all the data and documents will be listed to you. Now tick the backup files that you want to recover and click “download” in “state” to download the backup. 


Step 3. Exact Retrieving of Photos.

Finally, when the downloading gets completed, tick off all the classified except the “camera roll” and “app photos” and then hit the “recover” button. 


So these were the three easiest steps one could perform to retrieve photos from the iClouds backup. You can also try retrieving your data from iTunes and also directly from the phone. Isn’t it an amazing app which lets you retrieve your data back from be it iCloud or iTunes or directly from the phone too. Just remember to backup your device regularly. So use this iPhone data recovery software and do let us know your point of views in the comments given below.




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