RipTiger Ultimate Coupon Code Review

The Rip tiger is a widely well-known video downloader software around the world. As it is enabled with an exceptional combination of clear interface and intelligent operations, most of the forums and blogs recommends it. The significant purpose of this tools is to download online videos from any website seamlessly, instead of screen capturing it, which many users opt to acquire videos from websites that makes downloading a difficult task. This way, it helps to you get your own copy of those videos such as Flash Videos, Real video/Audio, MPEG, QuickTime, and Windows Media without any quality loss.

RipTiger Ultimate Coupon Code

Here is a special discount code if you decide to purchase this software now. So don’t miss the golden opportunity to grab this wonderful software at a huge discounted rate. To activate the RipTiger Ultimate coupon code you just need to click on the below link and make the purchase. If you have any query then do let us know by commenting.

RipTiger Ultimate Review


This downloader proves to be very efficient when compared to other similar tools with its distinguished features such as downloading videos with their original titles as file names, fast downloading with literally no quality loss, effective conversion of videos after downloading and even filtering duplicates by the help of its intelligent database protocol. One more exceptional addition about this program is that it allows you to record live video streams and also to download raw files into your hard drive. Thus, if you need a fast and automatic downloads of all the videos you’re viewing online, then the RipTiger would be the finest pick of the bunch.

Benefits of RipTiger Ultimate

  • It supports numerous media formats like flash videos, real audio/videos, MPEG videos etc.
  • Allows to download and save High Definition videos 1:1 into your hard Hence, no quality loss.
  • Downloaded videos could be converted to other formats multiple times to be viewed in different devices.

Ripping Technologies

As mentioned, this software works to rip videos from online based on three different methods,

Basic Video Ripping: Goes well with various prominent video sharing websites like, Dailymotion, YouTube, etc.

Advanced Video Ripping: Specifically for Internet Explorer, on websites, where video capturing is tougher. Example: Hulu.

Advanced Video Intercepting: A recent and advanced addition to this software, which makes it compatible with a hefty list of new websites and makes it even more compatible with websites that are currently supported.

Preeminent Features of RipTiger Ultimate

Correct Naming: The salient feature of this RipTiger Ultimate is that the downloaded videos are named with their original titles from the Source WebPages. This function helps you to easily avoid puzzlements in keeping track of the downloaded videos, whereas most downloaders use common files names that adds more to this kind of rip-roaring confusions.

Ad Filtering: This tool, is very stringent on the ads. It uses various advanced methods to prevent the commercials to be downloaded and even offers us to save to those ads on a separate file, when prevention of those is not possible.

Videos Conversion: Supports to convert the downloaded videos to all types of output formats. This feature helps you to export the downloaded videos to your favourite multimedia devices and enjoy playback in them.

Duplicate Filtering: Downloading more copies of a desired video, i.e. duplicates, is a common problem faced in any video downloader. But this RipTiger, provides you an eminent solutions by downloading only one copy of every video from any website.


  • No Configuration required.
  • Easy-to-Use.
  • Download videos much quicker.
  • Provided with format Converter.


  • Supports only lesser formats.

I hope you find this RipTiger Ultimate review useful and do ensure that you purchase it using the special RipTiger Ultimate coupon code. If you find this article useful then do share it with your friends online.

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