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SlimPDF Reader, developed by, is now the world’s most compact and lightest PDF viewer. Though you might miss doing annotations or editing PDFs, SlimPDF is specially designed to help you open and read PDFs wherever you are.

Adobe Reader might be a better choice for many users in terms of excellent document viewing solutions. But it’s too slow to launch and more often than not, it always slows your computer down. Imagine the inconvenience of using Adobe Reader when you’re working in a fast-paced environment or if you need to open a document while on the go. That’s why, in this case, you need a fast and reliable PDF reader alternative.

Slim PDF Reader Review | Best PDF Editor

SlimPDF Reader

PDF viewers and editors play a significant role in creating documents and sharing information with everyone. You can search for some PDF reader alternatives equipped with all the editing tools for creating, highlighting and securing PDFs. But sometimes people just want to read PDFs, and they do not have plans to convert or modify them for whatever purposes. This is where SlimPDF Reader always comes in handy.

Even though SlimPDF doesn’t possess the best editing tools you can find from other competitors, its performance remains reliable and consistent until today. SlimPDF is the smallest PDF reader program for desktop PCs at only 1.51 MB. It won’t use too much disk space on your computer or slow your system down while loading PDFs. It runs faster than Adobe Reader which makes it more ideal for simple document handling.

SlimPDF only offers the basic tools you need for convenient and optimum PDF viewing. The basic features include page rotation, full-size view selection, bookmark view and zoom functions. A search tool is provided to help you locate the specific contents of the document. Also, SlimPDF Reader appears to be a good choice if you only wish to open one PDF at a time.

The user interface of SlimPDF looks simple, clean and easy to navigate. Since it comes with no any documentation feature, SlimPDF is the fitting choice if you only wish to review PDFs you have created from your workplace or somewhere else. The program is not heavily loaded with toolbars or graphic icons, just the right tools to help you read PDFs easily. Prior to actual use, you’ll be required to register using some of your contact details. SlimPDF will also require you to download an additional app to make use of its PDF conversion tool which allows you to transform PDFs into Microsoft Office documents.

User Advantage

  • Comes in a fast, light-weight and free software
  • Uncluttered and intuitive user interface
  • Requires only 1.51 MB disk space
  • File conversion option


  • No advanced security features
  • Editing and annotating PDFs are not allowed
  • Available in Windows operating system only
  • Supports PDF file formats only
  • No portable version available

Installing a PDF viewer can help you save more time and resources especially if you need to work with PDF documents immediately. SlimPDF is the perfect choice for those who want nothing short of easy document access.

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