Solutery Audio Recorder Review: #1 Audio Recorder for Music Lovers with Data Issue


Solutery Audio Recorder is a new software answering people’s concern about being able to record and play the music they love anytime, anywhere they want, any device they have.

Are you in a location whose internet is slow?

Opting for an audio recorder can be a helpful solution to where you’re located in. You will never be interrupted for listening to your favorite songs, and won’t have to worry about data connection.

Music streaming sites have an option for you to listen to offline but the saddest thing is it needs data.

There are a lot of music streaming sites to choose from which Solutery can handle. Unlike other software, it’s only limited for few streaming sites.

Are you into Spotify, Tidal, Last.FM, SoundCloud, Amazon, and Youtube?

Then it’s your luck.

Solutery Audio Recorder Review

A software that’s straightforward for people who are the same when it comes to the favorite music they love. There’s no need to ask in regards to its navigation, or it’s complexity since it’s transparent.

If you like listening to high-fidelity music, then this recorder is for you.

It can record songs that are played on a higher subscription or played through your first trial on a music streaming site. After recording, it will be then saved to lossless WAV, and then its format is changed to a standard format which is an MP3 that most people are familiar with.

Download Here

For you to start recording the music you coveted then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch your Solutery Audio Recorder

Solutery Audio Recorder

To prevent any interruptions when it comes, recording makes sure to register your software by getting a license. It’s affordable, so need to worry. For a free trial, you’re only allowed to record a maximum of five songs then after that it will prompt you to register.

Step 2: Click “Start Recording” which is easily seen as the round button located at the lower right with a red color.

Step 3: Play your favorite music you like. Confused where to start?

You can try Spotify or Youtube which is the most common. Let’s try Youtube just to set an example for you.


Solutery can record a single song at a time or an entire playlist.

Note: For recording a playlist, the recorded track will be saved as a single MP3 file.

As much as what most other audio recorders try to make it perfect it’s only possible by changing the software’s setting to random.

Step 4: For a single track recording, just click “stop recording” and that’s it.

Questions that arise later on for users will be tags of a music file.

In regards to tagging, the ID3 tagging feature of Solutery is very accurate and fills up the information nearly 100%. The amazing thing is you only have to edit the tags manually rarely.


Solutery is very capable when it comes to recording music from any music streaming site. Only three words came to mind when it comes to Solutery, easy, effective, and fast

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