Why is Solutery Music Clean Master Considered the Best Music Cleaner?


If you’re into music, downloading a lot of songs is a common thing and convenient. Cleaning and organizing all your music using Solutery Music Clean Master after is made easier.

Solutery Music Cleaner

How do we consider the best music cleaner?

Music cleaner can be delineated by how it can organize, fix, and add lacking information on the audio track itself.

Why is Solutery Music Clean Master Considered as the Best?

Solutery is convenient to use and non-tech savvy friendly. Apart from its simple design, understanding its uses or features is pretty simple to comprehend right away.

Solutery music cleaner process

After you had added all your music or songs in a specified folder, six features can be seen as a menu tab at the left side of the program.

Fix Track Info

It is where tags of a particular track or missing tags of tracks are fixed by just a simple press of a button “Fix all.”


Lost track of downloaded music?

Then this feature is best for spotting any duplicate audio in an instant. Deleting the copies will save up more memory on your computer.

Add Album Artwork

Having a cover photo of each album is a nice way to organize it and differentiate from which album will it be.

Not in iTunes/WM

The best way to detect tracks not located in your iTunes library or playlist. If you want to add some songs, just click “Add to iTunes button.”

All Music

All your songs uploaded on Solutery Music Clean Master. For an easier way to fix it all is clicking fix all button on the top most.

How Effective or Accurate will it Fix the Tags?

Like other programs issue, Solutery can’t fix tags of a track from an unknown artist or an unfamiliar song. The good thing about this software is once the audio is recorded on its servers, it will detect right away when someone tries to fix the same track.

How Does it Fare with Other Similar Software?

Solutery is best in its way in how it cleans music. It may differ with other software on how they fix an audio track and may have other features to do it, but as far as the effectiveness of software is mentioned, Solutery rises above them.

Other software has more features but as good as it may sound, most do not work as you want it to be. Solutery may be limited for now when it comes to features but talking about how it solves one issue is second to none.

Lifetime Updates

Solutery is very serious when it comes to giving people solutions that are why purchasing a license gives you access to updates for life, that’s how confident they are.

An affordable price for one license is good already, the more when you get three licenses at a low price.

So, what are your thoughts on Solutery Music Clean Master?

If you find this useful, you can download the software here (Windows)

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