Solutery PPT to Video Converter Vs Wondershare PPT to Video Pro Review?


Creating a PowerPoint presentation is easy but keeping your audience or viewers interested is still quite a feat.

Putting images, short video clips and informative report is not enough anymore.

Newer ways to do it is converting your PowerPoint to a video. This is not just to create more interests but gives accessibility to every person or user.

Two software gives this quality of potential excellence.

Solutery PPT to Video Converter Vs Wondershare PPT to Video Pro Review

Although they are the same when it comes to functionality but let’s look at what they offer for their users.

solutery ppt

One software is just released this year but features can compete among similar programs and this is Solutery PPT to Video Converter. The other is widely known for acquiring its Gold award for providing easy usage, choices of format, and choices on Device optimization.


Feature Comparisons


Solutery PPT to Video Converter

Wondershare PPT to Video Converter Pro

Video Formats

-AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, and FLV.

-MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, 3GP and HD video.


-Convert any PPT files no matter how many slides.

-Allows users to download, edit and convert it to known common formats.

– Convert any PPT files by batch up to 12 PPT slides at a time.

-Allows users to download, view, edit, transfer, and make all types of videos from any source.

Customizable Video Settings

-Adjust video settings including resolutions, background music, and transition slides.

-Adjust video settings including resolutions, frame rate, and audio quality. Add logo or watermark and add loop or disable background music.

-Set new slide transition besides the settings you set on the PPT slideshow.

Pros and Cons




Solutery PPT to Video Converter

-Convert PPT slide no matter how many slides.

-Lack more features but is enough for simple conversion of PPT to video.

-Convert PPT to popular video formats

-Not able to change transitions of each slide.

Wondershare PPT to Video Converter Pro

-Convert PPT slides to video in many formats

-Takes time and practice to be familiar with its features

-Right software to use if you’re looking for more complex customization.

Although Solutery is a new software that pops this year 2017 and when it comes to converting PPT to a video with known video format, it’s a very capable comparing to other best-known programs online.

If you need conversion with less customization then Solutery is a good choice. For adding more customization and make your presentation to your fondness then Wondershare PPT to video Converter Pro is the good choice.

When it comes to making a report for students, Solutery is enough to meet the needs and availability when it comes to accessibility online. For business, no matter how small or large then the wise choice will be Wondershare PowerPoint to Video Converter for its additional features e.g. adding logo or watermark (good for branding and copyright), upload videos easily to social media sites (Facebook) or websites, and having more options in personalizing to suit customer’s needs.


Both are efficient but choosing which program to use will depend on your usage. Do try it and share in your experience by commenting.

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