[Unlimited]How to Rip Music from SoundCloud with This High-Quality SoundCloud Ripper

SoundCloud allows other applications or smartphones to upload music and sound files, or download files if the user has permission to do so. That’s to say, you can’t download all the music files from it. 

Although there are many SoundCloud downloaders (online or Chrome extension), you can only download one song at a time. What if I  want to download music like more than 100 songs, do I have to click 100 mouse-clicks to download those songs? No, you don’t have to do so. With just 1 click you can save all the songs (no matter how many songs) as MP3 on your local computer.

Here, I will show how can you use a SoundCloud Ripper to save your all favorite songs from SoundCloud to MP3 files step-by-step. It is a legal application, that’s very easy to use and you get high-quality mp3 for any track.


Comparison of SoundCloud ripper and SoundCloud downloader

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This SoundCloud Ripper – Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder does not only enable you to rip music tracks from SoundCloud as mp3 format, it can also rip audio files from any original music, radio dramas, video sites, audiobooks and other products on your computer. Check the main functions of this software as below:

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Key features

  • Batch recording music (One-Click) and as MP3 files separately
  • Captures ID3 information about the music including the title, artist, and the album name
  • Silent recording: you don’t have to raise the volume of music during the recording process
  • Wipe off ads which also get recorded during a streaming session
  • It also a Ringtone maker


Create a playlist and follow the following steps:

Step 1: Launch the program, Then click on the big yellow icon on the left top in the main surface to make function Ready.

Step 2: Open SoundCloud playlist, and let your playlist playing, and the SoundCloud ripper will record all the tracks for you, and ID3 tags will be automatically identified after about 20 seconds of recording of each song.

Tips: You can choose random play model, so to facilitate the software to better identify the songs.

Step 3: Click the big yellow icon on the left top in the main surface again after the recording is finished. Click “Folder” icon on button right of the windows, you will find all your downloaded music are listed as .mp3 format.

Step 4 (Option): There is ring bell button in the right of each song, click it to edit music and as it as a ringtone for your phone.

Yeah! Import these mp3 tracks to any of your devices and enjoy your perfect music on the go. Download and have a free trial right now.

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