Top 5 Ripping Mp3 From SoundCloud

SoundCloud has some good songs to download, so we don’t need only a software that can copy but can also get the songs with great audio quality.

If you haven’t tried SoundCloud yet, I suggest you try it out for free 30 days and while at it download all the songs you want.

This review will show top 5 SoundClound to mp3 converters that can get high quality MP3 (320kpbs) from SoundCloud.


How to Download, Rip SoundCloud to MP3

There are a lot of working software out there on the web but we are only going to choose five which are:

Cinch Audio Recorder 

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

The BEST Audio Recorder that can record music and save it as a lossless WAV (320 kbps) much higher than SoundCloud audio quality of 128 kbps. Its simple user interface lets you record music as easy as

    Click Record——————- >Play Music on SoundCloud———————>Stop Record

  • Edit the songs you saved from SoundCloud as ringtone
  • Automatically inputs, artist, title, and albums
  • No Virtual Sound Card needed
  • You can mute the sound while recording
  • Record tracks by batch
  • Split music perfectly
  • Best  of all Ads Free

Guide Below:

How to Record?

  1. Open Cinch Audio Recorder and play your music palylist
  2. Click Record and Stop Record when finished

How to manually Edit Tags?

  1. Open Cinch and Select the track you want to edit

  1. Click the 2nd icon which shows “Edit ID3”

  1. Edit the field you want to change and click “Save”


How to Create a Ringtone?

1. Click the bell icon on the right side

2. Select the part where you want as a ringtone

3. It will prompt you to name the ringtone. Just name and save

How to delete or remove unfinished recordings?

  1. Right Click” on the track you want to delete and choose “Remove

How to change the path folder for the tracks you saved?

Click Settings

Change the location of the output directory or where you want your tracks to be saved

Edit the path folder and click save


Wondershare Audio Recorder

Record Music streaming sites like SoundCloud. Need a Virtual Sound Card (HERE) in order to work.

  • Record music and save it as mp3
  • Has ID3 tagger feature
  • Ads free
  • Can Record tracks by batch
  • Able to split music

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

Guide Below:

How to Record Music?

Open Wondershare Audio Recorder

Click the Record button on the upper left and play the music you like on SoundCloud

Click Stop Record and you will see your recorded song on the “recorded menu

How To Fix ID3 Tag Automatically?

Open Wondershare Audio Recorder and click on the settings icon which will be located on the upper right. On the Setting Panel choose “control table” then click the box on “Auto-identify ID3 info

How to Create a Ringtone?

On the Playlist choose which track you want to edit

Click the “Ring icon” or “Right click” and select “Make Ringtone

Select the part you want to edit or the duration of the song

Preview and Save the ringtone

How to Create Playlist?

Click the “+” icon at the lower left of the software

Change the Playlist name “New Playlist” to your desired name

Adding songs to the playlist is just go to “All recordings” menu and right click songs and choose “Add to Playlist” then select the playlist name you want

How to Remove Ads?

  1. Locate and click the “remove ad” icon on the bottom of the software
  2. Select the track class you want to remove like “20 sec” or “less than 40” then click “Remove” button


Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

A good audio recorder you can use on SoundCloud and save as mp3

  • Easily edits audio
  • One-click audio recorder
  • Convert video to mp3
  • ID3 feature works on some songs
  • Upgrade to Pro version to avoid pop-up message
  • Records music one at a time



Guide Below:

How to Record?

  1. Select Audio Source “SoundCloud” and Play music
  2. Start recording audio

How To edit Tags?

  1. Click the track you want to edit and click the “Tag icon”. A pop-up window will appear and edit the details and click “Save” when you’re done

Abelssoft Recordify Audio Recorder

Another Audio recorder that can record online music streaming sites

  • Records audio and save it as mp3(lossless quality)
  • User Friendly
  • Be able to input title, albums, and artists
  • Cheap
  • Windows OS only
  • Has ads
  • Can record track one at a time




Guide Below:

How To Record?

Play Music on SoundCloud and click “Keep Song”

How to edit the recorded file, format and Audio Settings?

Go to settings and change the name of recorded file, format and audio settings


Replay Audio Recorder

  • Records music as mp3
  • Has ID3 tagger feature
  • Filter ads
  • Songs are uploaded automatically to dropbox or google drive
  • Records track one at a time
  • Crashes on Windows 10
  • Tracks are not the same when imported

Guide Below:

How to Record?

Open Replay Music, Go to settings first and set the output to 320 kbps

Play Music on SoundCloud and click “Start recording

A pop-up box will show for you to edit the tags

Once Done recording, click “Stop Recording

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