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Entertainment with music and videos are the all-time favorite of everyone. That is why, our advanced technology made revolutionary gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, idevices and media players in different forms to entertain us. However, all these digital gadgets are quite significant to our entertainment, yet there are certain limitations, regarding the file format compatibility.

Each digital gadget would specifically support certain formats only. Hence, we need an all in one converter for the conversion of preferred file format. That is why, this “SoundTaxi Media Suite” converter offers conversion of any file format, to support various devices. Therefore, hereafter no disappointments about file format compatibility, instead you can enjoy all your favorite music and videos, in order to extend your fun.

SoundTaxi Media Suite Coupon Code

Here is a special SoundTaxi Media Suite coupon code to save your hard earned money. You can now grab this wonderful software at a huge discounted rate using our special discount code. Just click on the link below to activate the coupon code which will show up the initial discount for you and then make the purchase. If you have any query or face any difficulty in this process do feel free to contact us right away.

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About SoundTaxi Media Suite


This SoundTaxi Media Suite represents various functional features that are absolutely easy install and use. Moreover, it exhibits clear cut user friendly interface for easy access and supports many file formats for conversion.

It aims to convert and unprotect; any sort of songs and movies for iPod, MP3 player, CD player, smart phones and PCs. In the same manner, it unprotects and converts; all songs and movies of all DRM protected files, with a legal process. So, there is no DRM restriction, anymore.

Meantime, it also enables the batch conversion, for the complete conversion of a large collection of songs, especially with the super-fast conversion speed rate, up to 50x speed. This software has customizable compression level for output format, with high quality.

Supported File Formats

WMA, MP3, RA, AVI, WMV, RAX, MP4, OGG and any file format supported by Windows media player; it also supports M4P, M4V, WAV, SND, AIF, AA, MP3 and audio books.

Key Features of SoundTaxi Media Suite

  • Media Converter – used for converting audio and video files (ST Pro+VideoRip).
  • Online Video Downloader – used for downloading, any online video to your PC.
  • Music Downloader – used for searching and downloading, any music for free.
  • Web Radio Recorder – used for listening and recording songs, in web radio stations.
  • DVD Copier – used for copying and creating a backup, from any of your DVD discs.

Ok now, let’s see the exclusive features in detail…

Media Converter

This easy to use software, converts any audios/videos in a high speed conversion rate in high quality.

Get everything, with just one simple click. Hence, you can enjoy all your movies and songs in any devices such as iPod, MP3 player, CD player, mobile phone and PC without any restrictions, even the one with DRM protection.

This software will let you choose the compression level and further it preserves the ID3 tags, for the title names, album, artist etc.

SoundTaxi unprotects and converts movie and music files from; iTunes, Zune, MusicMatch, Yahoo Music, Napster, MSNMusic, MusicLoad, MTV / urge and many more.

Online Video Downloader and Recorder – Riptiger

With the “RipTiger’s” streamlined cool features, you can start capturing, any of your favorite videos by downloading it in a turbo 10x speed, especially avoiding the commercials. Meanwhile, you can also simultaneously download multiple files.

And the next step would be the conversion process, for your preferred or popular streaming video formats, that has been processed to deliver high quality output.

This SoundTaxi Media Suite’s RipTiger – online video downloader and recorder, supports all popular video streaming file format, such as Windows Media (HTTP, MMS and RTSP), Flash Video (HTTP and RTMP), Real Audio and Real Video (HTTP and RTSP), QuickTime, MPEG, Streaming MP3 (Shoutcast).

Free mp3 and Music Video Downloader – TuneGet

With this TuneGet, you can discover new music to create your own music library for free, and surely this is going to be the ultimate way for your musical desires. This free TuneGet Music Downloader has no download limits, it can fill your iPod with thousands of songs, with their unbelievably large musical database.

Hence, with the lightning super-fast speed, you can both find and download, any of your favorite songs just within 2 simple clicks.  Moreover, it would also download the music directly in your desktop.

Besides that, its advanced search option also lets the user, to find the songs even by fragments from the lyrics.

Internet Radio Player and Recorder – RadioGet

With the “RadioGet” program you can enjoy listening to any of the internet radio, over from the available 25,000 stations.

Therefore, streaming music from radio has now become easy and fun, thus you can both listen and record, especially with high quality.

Or else, if you want to record songs of any specific genre or artist, the RadioGet would be the perfect choice for the job. Just turn on the auto record function and let it work in the background. Finally, pack your hard drive with your favorite music.

DVD copier – 1Step DVD Copy

1Step DVD Copy with various customizations settings offers the simplest way for quick backup of any DVD, particularly retaining its quality. This can be achieved by personalizing its customizations settings.

Hence, you can now convert and shrink your own video track, subtitles track, audio track, output format and so on. On top of that, it can further do the ripping tasks from the protected discs.


  • Easy to install and use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy conversion
  • Supports various file formats
  • High quality output
  • Fast conversion speed
  • Conversion of large database
  • Streaming live music and videos

And many more…


  • Some may find incompatibility issues due to certain reasons, otherwise it is a good product.

I hope you find this detailed review on SoundTaxi Media Suite useful; so ensure that you read it completely before you actually purchase it. Also do use our special SoundTaxi Media Suite coupon code before you actually purchase it. Try it and share in your experience by commenting.

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