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Are you fed up to receive spam emails? The research said more than 70% emails are spam. The spam emails bring virus, a phishing scam, link to malicious sites and any other junk messages. These emails waste your time and internet bandwidth as well as dangerous for your computer. So I recommend keeping a spam fighter software on every PC.

SPAMfighter Coupon Code

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SPAMfighter Review


Today I will discuss SPAMfighter software which can help you to save your time, internet usage and also protects your computer. This software can integrate with

  • Outlook – 2000, 2002, 2003 & 2007
  • Outlook Express – 5.5 or above
  • Windows Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0

But the SPAMfighter does not work with IMAP and webmail services.

After installing the software on your computer, it starts checking every mail while it arrives and if any mail is pointed out as a junk mail, it automatically takes a position on junk spam folder. There is no Spam filter software which can provide you 100% accurate results, sometimes they can mistake, but you can fix the problem. While an email is moved to spam folder by mistake, then you can easily get back the mail to your inbox by unblocking. SPAMfighter can import your address book to make a whitelist of address, and the emails from those address are not marked as SPAM.

You can report SPAM against an email address by SPAMfighter toolbar and the software keep that in their online database. When several users report SPAM again same email id or same domain, SPAMfighter blocks future messages from that email id or domain. With this tool, people can create a personal blacklist of addresses to keep their inbox SPAM free.

SPAMfighter can control more 90% of SPAM, and it is one of best Anti-SPAM software. This software provides you more powerful features than any other SPAM filter software.

Features of SPAMfighter

  1. SPAMfighter works with 21 multiple languages along with English, Chinese, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese,
  2. It can allow you to block the emails on language basis.
  3. The software can mark an email as SPAM based on images.


Though the SPAMfighter is a user-friendly software and you don’t need any technical help to use it, but still if you require assistance, you can visit the official website of this tool. You can get a FAQ section which is filled with various technical queries and the related answers. But if you don’t find your answer from FAQ, then you are encouraged to contact the support team through email or phone call.


You can download the free version of SPAMfighter for your personal use, but you can create a whitelist with 100 emails if you take free version. It is recommended to purchase paid version to get all facilities of this software. Paid Version is available for £17.

Final Words

After considering all things, we can say that SPAMfighter is a useful tool and features of this software provide more effective results than other anti-spam software. You can use this tool for both business and personal purpose. SPAMfighter software defends your computer from malicious or phishing attacks. I recommend installing SPAMfighter to protect your inbox or computer from such security threats.

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