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How to download music from Spotify? The answer is NO; you can’t download any music from Spotify. Even Spotify premium users don’t have the leverage to download any music from Spotify.

I personally have tried quite a number of software stating as Spotify downloader but without any success. Even my search for Spotify Downloader on various discussion forums or on similar sites.

Even my search for Spotify Downloader on various discussion forums or on sites like Reddit doesn’t work. There is no legal way of downloading any music from Spotify and all the so-called Spotify downloaders available online are totally fake.


So do we really have a working Spotify Downloader or Spotify to MP3 converter? Yes, we do but even this one doesn’t download music directly from Spotify. Now let me share more light on this software.

Free Spotify Downloader

VK Downloader

VK Downloader is a Google Chrome & Firefox Extension which allows you to download music from Spotify. It is a browser-based app so both Windows as well as Mac users can enjoy using this extension on their browser. It is very easy to install and use any other browser extensions. Follow these steps to install VK Downloader on your browser:-

You will require Google Chrome browser or Firefox browser to use this app. For the below step lets download Chrome Browser and run it.

Step 1: Download and Install Google Chrome Browser

Step 2: Visit Google Chrome Web Store -> Click Here

Step 3: Search Chrome Web Store for “VK Downloader” 

Step 4: Click “Add to Chrome” and that’s it!

You are now done with the installation of “VK Downloader” on your Google Chrome extension. Next step is to login to VK app using your login credential of Spotify Account; this enables VK Downloader to read your playlist information from Spotify which then gets listed on the “Downloads” tab. Then click “Find & Download selected tracks on vk.com“.

This is really cool; however, it has a huge drawback. “Rockettab” an adware is integrated with VK Downloader; so along with the installation of VK Downloader, “Rockettab” adware also gets added to your browser too. So, every time you search for a keyword on Google, it shows “Rockettab” Ads on the top of the search result like the screenshot attached (pretty annoying!)

I heard “VK Downloader” as one of the best Spotify downloader available online. However when I personally tried downloading my Spotify playlists; the success rate was just ~50% which means out of 30 songs only 25 songs were downloaded. Attached the screenshot of the same below:-

Why? Because it does not download music directly from Spotify. If you go through the script, you will notice it simply using python to scrape YouTube searches for matching tracks. In this case, VK Spotify Downloader works more like a YouTube to MP3 converter.

You might still take it as it doesn’t matter as long as it can download the right song for you. However, the problem still exists; as this tool can’t download all the songs from your Spotify Playlist as some are not available on YouTube. Also, there is a huge difference in the quality of output which is more concerning.

So what is next? How can you download music from Spotify easily without any such issues?

To be really honest you can’t download music from Spotify rather there is an alternate method using which you can still have all your favorite songs from Spotify list on your portable device.

Supplement to VK Downloader

The other alternate way to have all your favorite music from Spotify list onto your portable device is by “Recording Method” which is totally legal. You can find a bunch of Spotify Recorder Programs on Google. But I strongly recommend Cinch audio recorder. It’s the best online streaming Music Recorder available online and it is certainly for a few reasons:

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

  • It records music from most of the popular online streaming sites like Spotify, Pandora etc. it also can record music from online video sites and can save the output in MP3 (320kbp/s) format and even lossless WAV.
  • Automatic ID3 Tagger: Captures Title, Artist and Album and cover information for each recorded music (100% accuracy)
  • Silent Recorder: Records music clearly even with no volume at all


Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

How to use this Spotify Recorder?

All it takes is a minute to record all your favorite songs from your Spotify playlist. 

  1. Click the “Record‘ button to start(/stop) recording on the upper-left corner.
  2. Play the Spotify playlist that you want to record. 
  3. Once the recording is complete, right-click on the recorded song from the Recorder Playlist and select the “Open folder”, you will get the mp3 file of the recorded song.

That’s all! Now you can convert Spotify to MP3 by either downloading or recording it. 

This handy music recorder is a paid software; however, you can certainly try the free trial version before you actually purchase it. It costs $25 for a premium license but trusts me it is worth every bit of your money.

If you prefer a free Spotify recorder, then try this one. As the name indicates, it records music only from Spotify. It also has an inconvenient interface to run this application (need to install .net framework 4.5 before running this application ). It also works only for Spotify Desktop version and not Spotify Web Play. Finally to make it even worse, the output quality is really bad compared to the source.

You have a whole lot of options and it is time for you to make the right decision by choosing the right software for you. I hope you find this article useful; do try it and share your experience by commenting.

4 Responses

    1. Yes, Spotify updates its technology to prevent download music from them directly. The recording method is a forever-solution for downloading music from Spotify.

  1. There’s a config file doing the rounds for Windows it edits the host file to spoof the Spotify severs for no adds and endless skips works really well. There’s a newish apk for endless skips and extreme audio+no add but is the tablet version on android and there’s a bulk downloader for android tv that will download the playlist once logged in but is 3ed party software “editor feel free to email me for download link’s as I’m not sure on the legal status of this software in your location plus I don’t have the bandwidth to publish here

  2. i tired one other software and another chrome extension but met with very poor success rate… i think spotify are beginning to behave like itunes in terms of music ripping

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