Spotify Plans To Enter The Video Streaming Market In This Month


Spotify is definitely No.1 in in the field of music streaming and new in the video streaming world. This situation will change soon. According to report from “The Wall Street Journal” that, Spotify is working with a number of content producers and some of them are well-known traditional media companies. It seems Spotify try to launch its own video streaming  services. The company has contacted with some of professional personnel who were making video content for YouTube, the Sources said. Spotify wanted to sign a cooperation agreement with them and working together to make some exclusive contents.

According to the report, this service will work as same as the music streaming service that is start providing video service to subscribe members and then launch a free version contains ads.
In addition, the news source also revealed that the service will most likely be launched by the end of this month. It is reported that, Spotify on May 20 there will be a press conference, However, it is not clear whether it will follow the new services related to.

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