Top 5 Spotify Recorders- Which Really is the Best?


A lot of software programs can be searched on google and a few are widely known and used today and I know you already know some of them.

So which Spotify recorder do you really think is the best?

You already probably have one but take a look first my list below since I will be showing you the best Spotify recorder and the reasons why it is selected as the best.

But before that what is our basis or factors to dub it as the best?

  • User Friendly
  • Efficiency
  • Audio Quality
  • Price
  • Platform
  • Features
  • Supporting tools, software/program

Here is the list of Spotify Recorder

  1. Cinch Audio Recorder
  2. Wondershare Audio Recorder
  3. Apowersoft Audio Recorder
  4. Abelssoft Recordify Audio Recorder
  5. Replay Audio Recorder

So why is Cinch Audio Recorder No. 1 best Spotify ripper?

All will be explained below, look at first the table I made differentiating the five audio recorders.



Cinch Audio Recorder


Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Audio Recorder

Abelssoft Recordify

Replay Audio Recorder






Complicated to some







Audio Quality

Best (320kbps MP3 and lossless WAV)

Very Good

Low sound recording even on Pro Version


Very Good


Free, Registration $25 Lifetime

Free, Windows, -single user $19

-Multi-user $78.95


Single user


-Streaming Audio Recorder #39.95

-All Apowersoft Software $59.95


-Single User $19.95 and additional $9.95 for additional features like being able to split/edit a song


Windows and Mac

Windows and Mac

Windows, Mac


Windows and Mac


-records music to mp3


-Automatic Id3 Tagger near 100%


– MP3 (up to 320kpb/s)


-save recorded music as lossless WAV


-intelligently filter out ads


-Edit Audio function for ringtone

-records music to mp3


-Automatic Id3 Tagger to song







-intelligently filter out ads


-Edit Audio function for ringtone

-records music to mp3


-Identifies some songs



-save recorded music as lossless WAV


 -filter out ads


-Edit audio easily

-records music to mp3


-Automatic Id3 Tagger



-save recorded music as lossless WAV






-records music to mp3


-ID3 tagger issues



-save recorded music as lossless WAV


-Filter ads




Supporting tool, software/program

No need

Need to download virtual sound card to work

No Need

No need

No need


You can see clearly above which Audio Recorder Stands out

You may probably say No. 3 to No.5 is also good if you take a look at the price and its features alone.

Yes, That is correct but there is also something you need to know first also. The reason why I put them to their respected number is due to these reasons below:

Apowersoft Audio Recorder Issues:

  • Problems with recording
  • If you’re using trial version, then an annoying pop-up message “trial copy reminder” will consistently appear
  • Some issues in registration is not working even though you contacted support


Abelssoft Recordify Audio Recorder Issues:

  • Free version won’t let you save your music offline
  • Available in windows only
  • Plus version has 6 months free updates and versions
  • Problem recording at Spotify
  • No Spotify recorder mac version


Replay Audio Recorder Issues:

  • Spotify recorder which not working windows 10 (keeps crashing on Windows 10)
  • When music is imported, tracks are not the same as the original
  • Error message pop up “Parameter not valid” when tagging
  • Fail to identify
  • Fail to split music properly
  • On Mac, after recording a song it will play the first 20-30 seconds

Since now you know you’re only left with Cinch Audio Recorder and Wondershare.


The reason why Cinch Audio recorder is better than Wondershare?

Even though they’re both goods is that People tend to look or focus on the price, efficiency, and availability in devices after considering everything. If you look at the table above is that Cinch audio recorder is cheaper and more accessible compared to Wondershare


What? You’re wrong. It’s clearly stated that Wondershare is cheaper

Yes, I know but what I meant as to why Cinch Audio Recorder is Cheaper is that you can use your registration key on any device (PC/Laptop that has Windows and Mac) at a time instead of one device only and possibly purchase again another registration key for another device.

In case the device (PC/laptop) you’re using isn’t available how are you going to use your Audio recorder, especially Wondershare? not just that but it’s a hassle to set the virtual sound card every time for using Wondershare and set it back to your default sound card again.

That is why it’s beneficial for you to use Cinch Audio recorder and the reason why it’s the best.

Download Cinch Audio Recorder here:

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

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