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Spotmau BootSuite offers powerful, user friendly utility tools that will perform to safeguard, manage, optimize, repair and restore your PC, even from a crashed or damaged condition. Thereby, you could enhance the security of your system.

This Windows based boot disk has already gained a name “lifesaver” by the world famous PC Magazine editor. It has more than 40+ utility functions that has been provided on this boot disk for a reasonable price. Hence, just take a look on its features and go for utilizing its performance.

Spotmau BootSuite Coupon Code

If you have finally decided to purchase this software then here is a special Spotmau BootSuite coupon code to grab this software at a huge discounted rate. Just click on the link below to activate the coupon and purchase this software at a lot cheaper rate now.


Top Features of Spotmau BootSuite

  • This boot disk features more than 40+ utility functions to,
  • Boot up any computer or laptop
  • Data rescue from a crashed or damaged computer
  • Easy installation of Windows
  • Rescue of hard drive and crashed Windows
  • Helps in data partitioning, formatting, cloning and deep wiping from the hard drive
  • Reset of Windows, user or admin password

And much more…

Performance of its Features

Boot up any Computer or Laptop

It would help to boot up any desktop or laptop; also enables data booting from CD/DVD and USB drive, as it has Microsoft authorized WinPE technology. Moreover, it is 100% compatible for all computer brands. So, it could effectively boot up, both your desktop or laptop.

Rapid Data Rescue, from a Crashed or Damaged Computer

If you are facing any problem related to Windows or if it is crashed, this software helps to fix the problem by:

Booting up the desktop, even if it has been infected by the virus; also it ensures fast recovery from the crashes such as Blackscreen and Bluescreen. It certainly fixes booting issues, random crashes and missing file crash such as “ntldr and bootmgr” are missing etc.

It functions to repair partition table; corrupt registry; registry key value; crashed MBR. Moreover, it involves in rescuing Windows 98/ME/2K/HOME/2003/XP/NT/Vista/7.

Data Rescue from a Crashed Computer or a Hard Drive

The BootSuite can effectively help to transfer, your valuable personal data to the external USB drive from a seriously damaged PC or hard drive that cannot be restored back,. 

Hence, files such as photo, music, document etc, can be transferred to the external storage devices at ease, involving in rescuing files from a crashed or even a formatted hard drive.

DOS Command Environment

This is an effective tool for providing an MS-DOS command environment, which includes all major DOS commands: chkdsk, fdisk, debug, scandisk, diskcopy etc…

Recovery of Windows CD Key and Office Product Key

Reinstallation of Windows requires Windows product key. This feature offers a one-click solution to retrieve the Windows product key either from a crashed or a good computer. In the same manner, the Office Key Finder, assists in finding the MS Office product key from a crashed or a good computer in one-click.

Partition, Format and Clean up Your Hard Drive

The partition software in this Bootsuite would upgrade your hard drive by working together with the inbuilt clone tool. It functions to delete, create, activate, split, merge, resize, hide, rebuild, and restore partition without losing the data; it also involves in creating or converting primary and logical partitions; convert FAT16, FAT32, NTFS partitions; recovers MBR; further encounters for bad sector by doing surface scanning. Finally, it deeply cleans the entire hard drive or partition in just a click.

Restore or Backup Files and System

When you are attempting an important computer recovery or upgrading project, even one wrong step can cause sequential problems. But, this backup and restore tool could backup your entire system or partition, enabling us to undo or restore any kind of operations from the backup, in just one simple click. With this tool, you can backup a file, folder, partition or the entire hard drive and eventually you can backup a large volume of data, to other storage devices such as an external hard drive, USB, DVD, CD, ZIP, FireWire, etc.

Clone Entire Hard Drive or Partition

Without reinstallation, the cloning option copies everything to your new hard drive from the old one, which includes programs, Windows, files and settings. It supports all Windows versions, IDE, SCSI, SATA, USB, FireWire and many more; cloning can be done either to an internal or external disk; moreover the cloned hard drive will be bootable.

Wipe the Entire Hard Drive or Partition

This feature is very helpful, when you want to freshly reinstall Windows. By this feature you can wipe out (deep wiping) the entire hard drive or a partition in one click, assisting us to install Windows without any hindrance.

In case if your system is affected by a boot sector virus, the deep wiping option can kill the virus. Therefore, this function could speed up and clean the old hard drive. Besides that, it is always recommended to deep wipe the hard drive, before selling or donating your PC.


  • Promising functions for great results.
  • Numerous functions for the price
  • Easy yet powerful tools
  • Effective all in one solution for booting and backup related functions


  • Even though this software wins at the most part, it has left few users disappointed in some functions.


Apart from certain flaws, which have been experienced by some customers, this Spotmau BootSuite has done a great job for the majority of the crowd, at this price. You can also use our Spotmau BootSuite coupon code to avail this software at a huge discounted rate.

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