How to Spy On BlackBerry BBM Chats with FlexiSPY?


People with Blackberry mobile phones use BBM messenger a lot and also they enjoy the BBM chatting experience. But what do you do when it comes to spying on the Blackberry BBM Chats? Just imagine the situation when your spouse or your child is using the Blackberry phone and you so badly want to monitor that thing but are unable to do so. Worry not guys.


Here I bring you an application called FlexiSPY which will help you spy or monitor your targeted Blackberry phone and be far away from misunderstandings between your doubting people. Following guide will make you know how to spy on Blackberry BBM Chats. Just follow the below steps.

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How to spy on BlackBerry BBM Chats?

Step 1 – Logging in

portal flexispy

After you finish the downloading of this software called FlexiSPY, you need to install it on to your targeted phone and of course on your own phone too as you will need to spy through your phone. it doesn’t matter’s if you don’t have the Flexispy app on your phone because FlexiPSPY now allows you to spy through your browser application too. So after the application is installed, run it and logging in to your FlexiSPY Dashboard via the Portal. If you don’t have a FlexiSPY account, create one.

Step 2 – Starting to spy

Now in this step you will start spying. After you get logged in to your FlexiSPY Dashboard via the Portal, all you need to do this is just go to the messages tab and when you reach there, click on to the IM option.

Step 3 – Viewing the BBM chats


Now when you reach here, you will be able to view all the BBM Chats history which is displayed specially for you to view it and keep your spy work on. Remember that each and every Blackberry BBM Chat must have to be ended by them on their Blackberry by pressing the Blackberry menu key which is further followed by pressing the End Chat key because if this is not done then FlexiSPY will not be able to capture the BBM chat.

Step 4 – View the BBM chat


Now, you can view the BBM Chat history which is displayed for you to view. Also, for this feature to work, it is not mandatory to alter or change the BBM history settings in any ways.


Okay then now, after you know how this tool FlexiSPY is going to work for you, you must be successful in your spying task. Try downloading and using this program and if you have any queries related to this software you are most welcome to comment in the comment box. Also you can share your views or your experience after using this software here.

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