How to Spy GPS Locations of BlackBerry Device with FlexiSPY?


Knowing someone’s location was only possible if they told us themselves or we saw them at that location. It seems unreal to be able to track someone’s location, sitting in the comfort of your home and just opening a screen on your computer. But it is possible with the help of a software known as FlexiSPY.

flexi spy features

This software not only records calls and messages of the target phone but also tracks their location. Here is how you can use FlexiSPY to track the location of the target BlackBerry device. 

Spy GPS Locations of BlackBerry Device With FlexiSPY

Download for Windows version

Step 1: Login to your FlexiSPY Dashboard via the Portal

The first thing you will have to do is download and install FlexiSPY. After that is done, open the software on your computer. You will have an account where all the collected information from the target phone will go to. This is where you will in due course of time, view all the recorded data. Now, what you need to do is, login to this account via the portal.

Step 2: Click the Locations tab

Now, an interface window will appear that will show you the numerous locations, FlexiSPY has aggregated and stockpiled data from. Options like emails, call logs, alarms, pictures, videos, messages, etc. There will be a tab that will show locations too. Click on that tab.

Step 3: The latest GPS location captured by FlexiSPY will be listed for you to view

Another interface will appear which will show all the locations that the phone has been it. You can view whatever is of use to you. So this is like a complete all in one package of Spy Software.

It is so easy to track a person that it almost seems like a fantasy. I would definitely recommend FlexiSPY to you. I hope this How to Spy On the GPS Locations of a BlackBerry Device with FlexiSPY article was of use to you. Do download the free trial version of FlexiSPY to check its awesome features. Do try the above steps and if you come across any query then do let me know by commenting.

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