How to Spy on iPhone Using OneSpy?

We all carry our phones with us all the time because all our needs are stored in it. Also there are many brand new phones available in the market and so each one of us has a new, different and unique phones. Well, wont a parent be worried about his child when the little one is given a phone? Of course they may be curious to know what does the child keeps doing on the phone or at least they me be secure enough to keep a spy on their child’s phone. But how do they exactly do it when the child is given an iPhone? Here’s when The OneSpy comes in use.

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The OneSpy is such an amazing software which will help you to spy on the targeted iPhone. Go on reading to let know how this application works best. Here I will show how you can spy on iPhone using OneSpy in simple steps.

How to Spy on iPhone Using OneSpy?

Install the app in a jail broken iPhone

Buy the monitoring app and get an email with the unique license key. Now you can start spying on your aimed phone but before that you need to make sure that the phone is jail broken or else the installation process won’t take place.

 Selecting the source and manage options

Now, after the phone is jail broken, open the icon of CydiaApp wich is on the Springboard of the phone and then click on Select Manage for iOS 8.x.x and Select Source for iOS 8.x.x. after this, click on sources and then on Edit which is at the top right and then tap the Add button on the top left.

Adding URL, verifying it and updating

Enter Cydia APT or the URL in the box displayed and add the following link: and then select on Add Source

Now, wait till the URL verification process ends and the updating starts. After the update too gets completed, tap on Return to Cydia button on the bottom of the screen. Now, you are back to the Sources screen wherein you will click on the Oxonion Repo button which will lead to a Mobile Substrators Tool Screen and then to lock screen click on OXiGEN

Confirming installation

As you click on OXiGEN, details of it get open where you have to click on Install and then click confirm to confirm the installation process in the computer.

After reloading the data

A sign will be shown on your screen which says Reloading Data and after this task gets completed, click on Return to Cydia. Now as the installation gets completed, a new dialog box will appear asking you for the activation key and after you put the key, tap the Activate button.


Now your OneSpy software is installed as shown by the upcoming activation successful screen. So now, you can start using this tool and begin your spying work with great ease. Try downloading this application and lets us know if you have any query regarding this software in the comment boxes below.

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