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Doubt creeps into the mind of human and whisks away with it peace of mind, calmness and serenity. Sometimes we lose track of the aged when they dawdle around on the on their own and lose their way sometimes. At such times you wish for an application that would enable you to view not only the location but also the contents of their messages and overall data. Worry not because I have for you just the right thing. Worried sick as to what they are up to on their phones? Use Spyera to take a glimpse into their lives.

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Spyera App Review

Spyera is a spying software which allows you to stealthily spy on any targeted device. It could use be any device having operating system as Android, iOS, Symbian or Blackberry. This appliocation offers a great variety of useful and comprehensive features. Among its other features, Spyera offers the resplendent features of call interception and recording. It can be installed on more than one cell phone under one license. Decent price for the variety of useful features offered.

spyera features

Some Other Exciting Features:

  • You can listen in on live calls happening on the target phone. You can receive a secret SMS alert. If you then call the target mobile, you will be added to the live call. Call interception is available on Spyera only. There is a live chat recording option.
  • Another benefit of this application is that no matter how many times a person you spy on changes a cell phone; it is possible to move the software from one to another as long as the license lasts.
  • You can stealthily spy on Facebook, WhatsAPP, BBM, PIN, SKYPE, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat and iMessage. Also you can read all messages including the stickers, status, profiles, pictures, locations and emoticons. Spyera allows access to all the multimedia files present on the device.
  • There is an option for call logging and reporting as well as call interception
  • Spyera also offers the option of GPS tracking location. In case GPS is not available it is possible to use the Cell ID tracking feature.
  • The application works in a completely stealth mode.
  • One unique feature is that you still have a copy of all the data even if the target deletes it.


All in all, Spyera is one of the most comprehensive and effective spyware application one can come across. It is a must-have if you are looking for a stealth application. Do give it a try. Let me know if you found this Spyera App review useful in the comment box below.

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