Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional – Best DIY Windows Data Recovery Software

Deleted files or lost data are difficult to recover if you don’t have enough computer skills to do it.

Are you the type of person who stores a considerable number of files on a hard drive? Then you’re probably putting yourself in a tough situation to keep all your personal files secure from file corruption.

If you lack the expertise to retrieve your own deleted files, you definitely need to seek a professional to help out.

Here comes Stellar Phoenix, the sensational recovery software that allows you to restore lost files by yourself.


Why choose Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional?

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is a popular do-it-yourself program developed to help you retrieve everything inside your hard drive without necessary programming codes. Explore this highly efficient recovery tool and its remarkable features.

Storage Media Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is able to restore all types of file including videos, audio tracks, documents, mobile files, and images. It supports recovery from drive partitions, FAT, ExFAT, and NTFS. The software runs on Windows platform and only requires minimum disk space when installed. With this special tool, you’ll be able to solve different aspects of data lost such as unintentional file deletion, computer crash, accidental disk formatting and disk corruption.

Lost partition restoration

Stellar Phoenix will look for your missing partition which might have lost because of disk formatting errors or file corruption. From the location selection screen, you may click on the “Can’t Find Drive” option which you can find under “Other Location” tab. Once the scanning process is completed, check the list of partitions that will appear on the screen. If your partition is still missing, click on the “Deep Scan” button to scan the hard drive again.


Retrieve all multimedia files in one click

This recovery software functions as a file scanner designed to check all photos, videos, documents, and songs directly from your storage device. It accommodates different storage media such as SD card, internal hard drive, and microSD.


Preview of recovered files

Stellar Phoenix will display the list of all deleted and lost files in thumbnail view. The recovered files are then classified according to file type and their current location. You can explore its contents by clicking the specific file shown on the list. If the preview option is turned on, the software will show a preview of the restored files while the scanning process is ongoing.


The Deep Scan Feature

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional has two main scanning modes namely “Normal Scan” and Deep Scan.” The Normal Scan mode is recommended for common PC users. Not able to locate the file you need? Click on the “Deep Scan” button to perform a thorough check.

Aside from this, Stellar Phoenix is also compatible to restore your deleted files from the following sources:

– Recover data from corrupted CDs, DVDs and HD DVDs

– Encrypted hard drive. Be sure to enter the right password. Otherwise, the hard drive will become inaccessible.

– Email files

– Storage media having bad sectors


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional provides the best solution for recovering files when your hard drive gets into trouble. Always expect 100% secure data recovery at any PC with fast speed.

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