Why Stream Music From SiriusXM When You Have The Option To Download?

SiriusXM is a music streaming site or online radio which you can listen to either the web player, app, and on the satellite radio. It was two companies before Sirius and XM and since they merge, now it’s called SiriusXM.

The online radio streaming site is for people who would like to listen to music either at home, work and when traveling in long distance using your vehicle or boat. All vehicle radios in U.S or Canada has SiriusXM capability and in regards with how many free months trial and the type of subscription depends on the car dealership that made a deal on SiriusXM.

SiriusXM is only exclusive on U.S and Canada and if you’re on other places then downloading the SiriusXM app apk will solve your problem for you to be able to listen.

The radios are in two Platform which is Sirius and XM. Theses two platform  confuses much on people so i’ll differentiate them.

The difference between the two are:


  • RID (Radio Id) 16 digits numbers only
  • Has Howard stern channel which is ch. 100 and 101
  • Radios like Stratus 7


  • RID (Radio ID) 8 digits Alphanumeric
  • No Howard stern which is ch. 100 and 101
  • Radios like the free radios they are giving

In regards with channel changes, you must call SXM for updates since they made changes last quarter of year 2016 depending on demand. To know the RID (Radio Id on your radio you need to look for the instructional manual of your car or either call directly SXM.


It has three main subscriptions:

All Access

  • Cost is $19.99 monthly or $289 annually
  • 140 plus channels (depending on the Platform on your radio
  • Can stream on any device with SXM app


  • Cost $15.99 monthly or $189 annually
  • 150 plus channels unless you add $4 or upgradeto All Access
  • No options for streaming

Mostly Music

  • Costs $10.99 monthly or $121 annually
  • 80 plus channels
  • No options for streaming unless you upgrade to All Access


Why download music From SiriusXM?


The reasons are:

  • Save more money
  • Satellite radio tends to lose its signal and it’s a hassle to call SXM customer service and sometimes does not work.
  • Radios have limited function, no USB port for Flash Drive, SD card
  • Songs in a station tends to be played many times
  • Don’t miss live shows or gameplay when you’re busy


How to Download Music?

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

You need to Download Cinch Audio Recorder. I know it’s not a downloader but it’s the legal way to copy songs. You need to be on All Access package to record songs online. If you have a free trial for  a year or 6 months then the better. Cinch records music and convert it to lossless WAV as mp3 (320 kbps). It automatically inputs artist, album, and title. If you want to record live shows so that you won’t miss them then Cinch is the best solution for you.

cinch audio-recorder-user-guide

First:  Open Cinch and Play songs or online radio on SiriusXM

Second:  Click “Start Recording” and once all your wanted tracks are done click “Stop recording”.

Once you have recorded your songs then you can play them on your computer while sleeping or working. Because  this SiriusXM downloader records the music from the core audio, so you don’t have to raise the volume of music during the recording.


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