Sumatra PDF Reader Review | Best Adobe Reader Alternative


If you’re searching for a better alternative to Adobe Reader, there are many options you can find on the internet today. Wouldn’t it be nice to find something that is functional and totally free?

Sumatra PDF Reader Review | Best Adobe Reader Alternative

Adobe Reader is a free program, but many people look at it as a liability rather than useful. It appears too slow to launch and often cause discomfort to users while in use. It’s good if you can chance upon a PDF reader that is quick to launch and doesn’t take up too much disk space on your computer. Consider also the one that is easy to install and has a portable software version.

Meet the Right Kind of PDF Reader

sumatra pdf readerFamous industry names only frustrate you because of their heavily-loaded programs that often slow your system down. Featuring Sumatra PDF Viewer, the highly functional light-weight windows free software that provides the basic features of an excellent PDF viewer. Here, you get the right list of features you need for an optimal PDF document access. Take a closer look at what you probably can expect from the versatile Sumatra PDF Viewer.

The General Functions

Sumatra PDF Viewer features several functions allowing you to read documents or even send the file using a designated email. It has an intuitive, user-friendly interface equipped with basic menus and a toolbar found at the top. Documents can be viewed on a single, full page or book view format. You can also use the zoom in and out function if you wish to see the document in accordance with your preferred reading distance.

A search box is provided so you can easily locate the text or portions within the PDF document. While reading, you can attach the PDF file instantly and send it through an email. Rotate the pages as you want or even read the document either on a full screen or presentation mode. Moreover, this free software allows you to read different file types including CHM, XPS, eBooks, Mobi, comic books and others.

From the menu list, you will find the online help tab that contains all relevant keyboard shortcuts for an ease of operation. This is perfect for anyone who prefers keyboard use instead of a mouse. A little over 4 MB size, Sumatra PDF Viewer, comes in a portable version which allows you to store the program on a USB flash drive. You can bring it anywhere and read PDF documents from another computer.

Know the Cons

Sad to say, there are necessary features that you couldn’t find from this PDF viewer. Here they are:

  • File editing and adding comments are not allowed
  • Other than Windows, this software doesn’t run on different operating systems
  • No enhancements or add-ons can be added
  • Installation is fast, but when you decide to uninstall it, it will leave a folder on your system

Sumatra PDF Viewer has become a great alternative choice for many PDF readers due to its sleek design and easy-to-operate features. For anyone looking for a PDF reader alternative, let this free program compensate your frequent documentation needs with better access and functionality.

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