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As we all know that DRM stands for Digital Rights Management which is a technology that helps in preventing any kind of unauthorized use of copyrighted and licensed material. These include computer games, e-books, audiobooks, movies, documents and music. AppleMacSoft DRM for Mac Converter Coupon Code Here is a special AppleMacSoft DRM Converter discount code for Mac to grab this wonderful

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How to Remove BBC iPlayer MP4 DRM Protection?

BBC iPlayer is extensively used by people to watch their favorite TV shows. But, when you download videos from BBC iPlayer, they are protected by DRM protection (Time Limit). Also, These  video files are encrypted and cannot be played on other  portable devices. Luckily, there is a way to remove the DRM protection and play your favorite TV shows on the

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How To Keep Rented iTunes Movies Forever

There are many advantages in using the iTunes movie rentals service. But, the downside is that these files are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. As a result, there are some limitations in using these videos. They are: You have to watch the movies within 30 days from the day you rented them. Once you play the movie, you have to

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How To Convert iTunes Movies To AVI/MP4 Effortlessly

Are you one of those who wants to play videos in AVI or MP4 format but unable to do so because your player is not compatible with Windows Movie Maker? There is a way to convert iTunes .M4V and .MOV video files to .AVI/.MP4 format so that you can play them on your favorite video players. While MOV files can

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How To Play Protected WMV/WMA Files?

Microsoft developed video container files namely WMV and WMA. These files are compatible with Windows Media Player which is also a product of Microsoft. Microsoft Corporation also enforces restriction in the form of DRM (Digital Rights Management) so as to protect the digital copyrights of these file formats. As a result, you will not be allowed to play WMA and

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Top 5 iTunes DRM Removal Software

Do you have a lot of audio and video files purchased from iTunes but not being able to play it elsewhere because of the DRM protection? You are not alone. There are tools that are legal to use which you can make use of to remove the DRM protection and convert the files to a generic format that can be

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Tunebite Alternative To Convert Copy-Protected Music and Video

Are you someone who has lots of Audio books, videos and music files and are not able to play them on your music players because they are DRM protected? Not to worry. There is a tool that can help you to remove DRM protection from videos, audio books and music files in a legal way and can act as an

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How To Remove DRM From Amazon Video on Demand Movies?

Amazon Video on Demand is an amazing platform that provides lots of movies and TV shows for purchase or on a rental basis. But, the WMV videos purchased from Amazon Unbox are protected by Microsoft PlaysForSure DRM protection. As a result, it limits your video playback on up to 5 PCs and exclusive players like Creative Zen. If you want

iPlayer Ripper – How To Remove DRM From BBC iPlayer

BBC player is the software that allows you to view the TV and radio programs that were telecast past week of BBC. With this tool, you will be able to play the programs like including TV series, radio stations program, songs, Video etc of the past a week and see them online by streaming. The BBC Player is quite flexible

How To Convert Audible .aa To MP3

Audio books are generally in DRM protected (Digital Rights Management) Audible AA format. It is not possible to play in any music player in that format. But, there is a tool to convert these protected files to MP3 format so that you can play in your music player or smart phones any time you want. If you are downloading audio