The Best Spotify Ripper to Convert Spotify to Mp3, iTunes and CD


Spotify is a streaming program so it works like a radio where you can choose which song you want to listen to. Is there any possibility to download Spotify music and convert them to mp3, or transfer the Spotify music to your iTunes library, or burn Spotify to CD for convenient playback? The answer is yes! This article precisely provides an easy-to-use Spotify ripper and the step by step guide to solve all the problems.

The best Spotify ripper we recommended is Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder. With it, you can record any audio source that’s automatically detected on your computer. Just download it and have a free trail.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

After downloading, install and run it on your computer, then follow the below guide:

Part 1: How to download Spotify music and convert Spotify to mp3
Before the Spotify ripper can record Spotify music you must: Be connected to the internet, have a web browser open and access an audio stream. Simply click on the “Record” button on the top left corner. Then you should go to Spotify and find the songs you want to download and play it. When the music starts to play, this smart program will immediately detect and record it. After the Spotify music is over, you can press “Record” button again to stop the recording.


Part 2: How to transfer music from Spotify to iTunes
After the part 1 is finished, just click the track and select the option “add to iTunes”> “select all tracks on the current playlist”, “add to a new playlist”, “delete tracks” format .and “open the track’s containing folder”, etc.

To create a ringtone, simply click on the bell icon next to the artist name in the playlist. After clicking the icon, it will open a bitmap of the track, and you can select and trim sections of the track to create a ringtone at ease.

Part 3: How to burn Spotify to CD with iTunes
1. Put a blank CD to your computer CD-ROM.
2. Simply click iTunes playlist and select “File”>”Burn Playlist to Disc”.
3. You need to choose tformat.You got 3 options here: “Audio CD MP3 CD”, “Data CD” or “DVD”.
4. Press “Burn” button to start burning Spotify songs to CD.


Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

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