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Listen Offline Permanently: How To Convert Spotify Music to MP3

Do you want to download Spotify to your MP3 to enjoy when offline? Yes, this post will show you how to convert/download Spotify playlist and save as mp3 files on your computer. Introduction Streaming music and video is the mainstream today. It is convenient as long as your media device is connected to the internet. However, the internet is NOT

How to Recover Deleted Messages from Samsung Galaxy S9?

Released in 2018, The Samsung Galaxy S9 is powered by 1.7GHz octa-core Exynos 9810 processor, making it one of the best-performing smartphones today. This versatile smartphone also comes with 64 GB of internal storage, expandable up to 256 GB using a microSD card. With a lot of exciting features and storage space, Samsung Galaxy S9 definitely gives you enough room

solutery music cleaner

Best Software to Automatically Clean up Your Music Library

Music managers allow music lovers to create multiple playlists, import various playlist formats, locate images or lyrics and play their favorite Audio CDs. Additionally, you can play audio files from your own music library as well as other existing cloud storage facilities like Google Drive and Dropbox. Your music library is always full of downloaded tracks, ripped audio CD copies

How to Record from Yahoo Music using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Yahoo music can be a great source for news and updates of any music Genre you like and follow. If you want to know some new songs or top hits for this week or month, then be sure to visit and listen to streaming. A lot of unique visitors visit this site per month, no question its one of the


How to Record Music from Live365 Using Cinch Audio Recorder

Live365 has been one of the earlier internet broadcast and radio station platforms. It existed since the Year 1999.  It closed momentarily last Year 2016 because of the imposition of high royalties.  It revived its operation recently in the Year 2017.  In comparison with its competitors, its unique positioning is that it allows users to create their own online radio

erase data on android

Dr.Fone – Erase (Android): Android Data Eraser Review

If we are looking for ways how to recover data on our Android devices, there’s a tool also on removing or deleting everything on our mobile phones. Why is there a need to delete all of the information completely on our devices? If you’re the type of person who handles mostly everything on your smartphone then apps like PayPal, Bank,


How to Download Music from Your Wishlist Using Audials One 2018?

A lot of us are searching for songs we like. But most of us use different software to find an artist, title, and songs. Audials One 2018 is one of the software for downloading or recording music, music television, music hits, Podcast, and more. If you’re looking for a song but can’t seem to find it, use Audials. You can

Audials Dashboard

How to Record Audio from Podcast using Audials One 2018?

The podcast may seem not too important for other people but it is steadily increasing these past few months of the year 2017. Why do a lot of people listen to Podcast? A lot of people find it more of a way to connect with other people. Unlike reading the article you may find online, you will really feel the


How to Record Music from Radio Stations using Audials One 2018?

Listening to radios nowadays has improved so much. Its availability online can reach more listeners from all over the world. Most online radio station websites are only available locally. What if you can listen and record radio stations from all over the world? It is possible if you have the right tool. Audials One 2018 is a multi-featured software that