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In today’s Technology driven world, PCs, Smartphones and other digital devices, which contain all our personal and important data has become an inevitable additions to our lives. Though these devices are enabled with advanced technologies to make it more reliable and secured, we are very much prone to lose our valuable data due to various reasons like physical damage, malicious attack, etc. Daringly, we cannot lose our data and hence, we always need to have a backup plan to get over those situations. Honestly, there is no tool available that will 100% make sure, we would never lose the data. Therefore, an efficient data recovery software is a very good option that would help us, retrieve lost data form a corrupted system or after an accidental deletion.

Likewise, people using smart devices enabled with Android, a widely used mobile platform globally would also need such recovery tools that functions well on its platform. There are numerous Android data recovery tools available in the market. These tools functions to retrieve various data such as contacts, text, messages, Photos, call history, WhatsApp history, videos, audios, documents, etc. and restore them back to the respective Android devices. Even though most of the Android recovery software possess/performs almost similar functions, some of them proves to be more effective and capable to deliver some added operations. Here, we are going to discuss 10 of them.

How an Android Recovery Software works?

android-data-recoveryAs mentioned an Android data recovery tool is one that recovers lost data easily inside Android devices. These tools empowers people to recover data, lost due to corrupted operating system, accidental deletion, device damage, OS update related problems, etc. Generally these software programs, perform data recovery through a 3 step advancement as follows.

  • Connect to the device
  • Scan
  • Recover

Aspects of an Ideal Android Data Recovery Software

As we all know, there are numerous Android data recovery software programs available online that usually leads to confusions on, which one to choose or how to know, which is the best? Here are some points that describes few parameters that are expected for efficacious data recovery. Therefore, an ideal Android data recovery tool should be,

  • Compatible with a range of Android devices.
  • Capable of synchronising between the Phone and your PC.
  • Able to directly recover deleted data.
  • Able to retrieve lost data from SD card too.
  • Proficient to retrieve data even after a ‘Factory Restore’ process.

Top 10 Android Data Recovery Software

So, now we know what all to expect from these tools for an effective and seamless data recovery. Let us also walk through, ten of the most effective Android recovery tools that holds unique features and performances, to recover any deleted data.

FonePaw iOS Android Data Recovery

fonepawIt is one of the best Android data recovery tool available in the market. With the help of this reliable software, we could easily detect and recover the deleted files from Android Phones or tablets. The hunt for lost files and data is made easy as this software comes with a user-friendly interface, placing neatly all the enhanced features. It exhibits an extensive ability to work between multiple versions of Android Operating System and compatible with almost all the Android smartphones such as Google, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Acer etc.

WonderShare Dr.Fone for Android

dr-foneWonderShare claims this software to be the world’s first data recovery software for Android phones. It allows getting back all data such as contacts, messages, photos, music and videos that are unfortunately lost as a result of deleting, flashing ROM, rooting or restoring to the factory settings. It also supports to retrieve data from external memory such as SD cards, inserted into Android devices.


i-careThis is a free data recovery software that mostly focuses on recovering the deleting files from storage devices. However, you will be expected to pay for data that retrieve after a limit of up to 1GB. With enhanced features, it could recover deleted files even emptied from recycle bin. It allows us to seamlessly scan, preview and recover deleted files from a number of smart devices, being compatible with all smartphones, and tablets.

MyJad Android Data Recovery

MyJad is a trusted name in the mobile software and utilities sector, being one of the most effective data retriever for Android. Hence, it is a super easy, quick solution to recover lost data like, songs, videos, documents, archives, etc. from the external storage of Android devices. However, this tool bears some disadvantages such as, you can’t recover files from the internal storage, and sometimes certain devices are needed to be rooted to recover files.

Undeleter for Root User

Amongst other Android recovery software, this software is a little different that it temporarily restores lost data such as videos, music, images, archives, binaries, etc. when installed. This software displays a list of deleted files with its original directory path, by specifying either of internal or external storage to recover, from which you preview the files that could be restored. You can directly save your restored files to Dropbax and Google Drive.

Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery

jihosoftIt is an excellent data recovery software for Android mobiles and tablets. This tool efficiently recovers lost or deleted data from Android phones’ storage such as external SD memory card or internal storage. It provides user-friendly interface to work at ease to recover contacts, photos, videos, etc. from Android devices.

EaseUS Mobisaver

easeusEaseUS Mobisaver is an important tool, for recovering the lost data from Android device. EaseUS mobisaver is similar to Wondershare Dr. Fone software in terms of interface and recovery. But, a disadvantage about this tool is that it only supports few file types to recover from Android phones.


recuvaIt is a great tool to recover, unexpectedly lost data from Android devices for novices. It is an effective tool that comes with in a simple UI, and does not involve working with in any advanced or complex options to customize the data.


gutensoftIt is a computer based software that efficiently delivers data recovery from your Android device when it is synced to the computer. The data recovery from Gutensoft helps you to recover deleted files from your Android phone and tablets easily. It features various useful functions like quick scanning process and good filtering options to find out the required files.

DDR-Data Recovery Software

ddr-data-recoveryThis recovery tool’s performance to recover the lost data from Android devices is simply amazing. It searches and displays the lost/deleted files in just a click, from which you need to verify and select the files you want to restore. It also allows you to optimize your search by offering options like file types and signature.

Thus, as the Android smartphones have become an unavoidable supplement to our daily lives, it is very necessary to be equipped with a good recovery software.

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