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streaming recorderThere are lots of streaming music services out there like Spotify, Pandora, and Google Music that you can enjoy it free online. Sure, it’s great to enjoy free music while you have internet connected. But what if you want to play that music offline on your phone or MP3 player?

Have you ever use the recorder software that comes with Microsoft Windows. You press the red spot button it will start to record sound and press the button again it will stop the recording. I guess many of you were familiar with that one. It’s simple but a lack of advance features. 

This article is going to show you the best top 10 streaming recorder software programs that you can do with the recording playlist and convert it to mp3 files with the title, artist, and album automatically for you. So you don’t have to site front of your computer to click start and stop button to record a song. 


Note: Streaming Audio Recorder complies with the copyright laws, and it’s 100% legal to use.

Update: Spotify has updated file encryption technology that means all Spotify downloader online tools (copy Spotify song’s URLs and download it as mp3) are NOT working anymore. Now, the only way to get Spotify music is working with a recording method.


Top 1: Cinch Audio Recorder

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

 I just found this new streaming music recorder recently. I can record any online music and save it as .mp3 automatically. Well, that is not a new thing, since other similar programs can do the same thing. What I want to mention are the great features that are unique and powerful.

Lossless output quality. Up to the highest MP3 bitrate 320kbp/s.  Also, you can save music as the lossless WAV format.


Automatical ID3 tagger with near to 100% accuracy. That is a cool feature. When you record a song, you will only get an audio file without any ID3 info like title, artist, and album. This recorder will get ID tags for each song. Unlike other  ID3 tagger has the low accuracy (most of the time, they are wrong ID3 info), you have to correct it manually. Cinch Audio Recorder is near 100% accuracy rate for identifying song’s info.

No Virtual sound card. I test other music recording programs and they required to install a virtual card on your computer. That is anyone because you have to switch to the virtual sound on your system settings when you are recording music and switch it back when you are done the recording. If you forgot or simply don’t know how to switch it, you will lose sound on your computer.

Advertisement Removal. When you enjoy music services such as Spotify(or Rdio) with a free account, then you will hear the short ads that play every once in a while. When you are recording music, those ADs will be recorded as well. This tool will remove these annoying ads automatically. Therefore, you will only get music/song files. Also, you could remove AD or unfinished song manually with 1-click AD removing feature.

Cinch Audio Recorder screenshot

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version


Top 2: Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

It’s creative audio recording tool that lets you capture any digital audio source that plays on your laptop or computer including online radio, music station, Spotify, Grooveshark, YouTube and much more.

The notable aspect of this software program is that it can find audio details like album, artist and other audio data, directly import audio into iTunes and burn music to CD. You may also modify the mp3 tags, sync songs to iTunes or manually split audio tracks for additional customization. Also, it is possible to tailor-make ringtones from your fave music within a few clicks.

Furthermore, the software offers an user-friendly interface that is fairly easy to use for first-time users. It definitely should get a placement in this list of top streaming audio recorder software. 

Supported OS: Windows and Mac  


Download Windows versionDownload MAC version


Top 3: Leawo Music Recorder


  • You can record audio from PC and online music channels like YouTube, Last.FM, AOL Music, etc.
  • Also, it can record audio from your Mic and other built-in input audios.
  • With the Task Scheduler, you can pre-set the music recording.
  • Adding music tags such as album, artist, cover, etc. are done automatically.
  • Allows manual editing of recorded music tags and manage recordings, etc.


Download Windows versionDownload MAC version


Top 4: SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder

The best part of the program is that it comes with simple editing function so you can add some special effect on the audio file you just downloaded. However, this program does not offer a trial version. You need to buy the full version that starting at $29.99.



Top 5: Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

This software can record any sound your laptop or computer produces just like the one above. It can also deliver output files in a few formats like AAC, MP3. This tool functions not only as a good audio recorder but also offers the purpose of free audio editing tool, CD burner/ripper, and audio converter.  However, it restricts its users to have 128 kbps recordings, which is on the low end of acceptable audio quality, and it only lets users record audio up to 3 min and it can only download one track each time. That requires users to upgrade to full version, the price of this software starts at $39.95.



Top 6: Free Sound Recorder

As the name implies, it is a 100 % free t streaming audio recorder like Aktiv mp3 recorder at no cost(don’t use crack recording software), you can record songs from your sound card. This software only has a Windows version and it’s not for Linux and Mac users. This Free tool produces output audio files in a number of file formats, such as OGG and MP3.



Top 7: Audio Hijack for Mac

For Mac users, Audio Hijack is a good software to make a recording job. It’s handy, easy to use and provides excellent output quality. There are not too many streaming audio recorders that are capable of recording high-quality sound that works with the range of formats that are used on Mac today.



Top 8: Krut

Krut is free of cost software that will record audio and video to split files, which is really handy. The audio is recorded in WAV format, but you can always use another program to convert between audio formats. The recording quality is great and they also include a guide online that talks about all the different options and features.



Top 9: CamStudio

CamStudio is an open source screen recorder that also allows you to record the sound being played on your laptop or computer. It records out to AVI, so that means you’ll have to use some other ways to convert the audio to an MP3 file. This can be a two-step process, but it’s not all that difficult for advanced users. 



Top 10: WireTap Studio

WireTap Studio is just like Audio Hijack Pro, except it a bit more expensive ($69). In addition, it has many features and can basically record anything that you hear on your Laptop or computer with good sound quality.



Others (No longer working):


For those who have a free Computer or notebook laying around, that’s useless, aged or will be reformatted in due time, in that case, you may choose to set up FreeCorder on it. FreeCorder (Google it) is a handy software to work with in case you’re gonna be capturing audio that’s mostly played through the web, like Internet radio.
However, it’s also known to have malware/spyware that gets installed with it. I have tried it personally before and it does the job well for recording streaming audio, but you really should only install it on a virtual machine or on a laptop or computer which you don’t worry about. Don’t set it up on your work PC or on a laptop or computer with any crucial files. Personally, I didn’t get any problems with malware, spyware, etc, but users have certainly reported it.


Spotify Recorder (No longer working)

For Spotify fans, you may look at  Spotify Recorder. It requires a little work, to begin with, but when you have it designed, it does the job like offered. It records right from the sound card and can actually add the artist and track info as well. You no longer need a Spotify Premium account to download music on your computer.



So those are just about all the possible software programs that help you to capture streaming audio or any sound that playing on your computer.  Generally, it truly is just a matter of recording the output from your sound card  Any questions or issues, please send me a feedback!


  1. I am surprised you didn’t mention Total Recorder or SonicWeb that both records and splits automatically to files named artist-title.mp3.
    I have used TR and SonicWeb for years to rip from all kinds of internet streams. Including Spotify.

    • Thanks for your comment Matti… I will certainly try to have that in this list too.

  2. Thank you for the reviews. Unfortunately, to me, one of the most important features in a streaming sound recorder is a timer (either start/stop times, or recording length duration). The reviews do not show which recorders have these features.

    • Oh thanks for your feedback Dave… I will look into it and will add it to the list.

  3. Downloaded Wondershare streaming download recorder. It gives me an option to purchase, or select trial, but also asks for a pass code. I must admit I was really excited after reading the reviews, but was just as quickly disappointed. My understanding is that it was free, probably because there were other options listed that clearly stated that payment was required.
    I you can give me any direction I’d really appreciate it. I am totally open to suggestions.

    • Hi Carlos,
      The trial version doesn’t need any pass code which I am sure about it and you can record 10 songs (or more I am not sure) for free. There are free audio recorders but I can’t called them as the best due to lack of easy-to-use features. For example, when you want to record your playlist, you have to click “start” button for starting recording and press “End/stop” button for stopping for each song. Imaging if you have hundred of songs, you have to repeat that again and again. Wondershare streaming recorder does that automatically for you. Plus there are more features like add title, genre, album to the songs you recorded. What do you expected it for free? If anyone can find a freeware that do the same like Wondershare, I will mark it as the best one.


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