Top 5 Best Duplicate Music Checker


It’s great to have lots of music stored on your computer and listen when you need them. The only problem that one commonly encounters is duplicate songs which take up your storage space. To help organize your files and help free up that space on your hard drive is you need a duplicate music checker software.

Software that checks automatically your music folder helps a lot in saving your time when it comes to removing them. You don’t need to manually search and remove a specific music file since these programs do it all for you automatically.

Here are the best five duplicate music checker.

Top 5 Best Duplicate Music Checker

Solutery Music Clean Master


The software is new in mid-2017 and already got a liking by many people. Solutery is straightforward when it comes to its features but its effectivity is one to take note of. It’s one of the best duplicate music checker where it automatically detects duplicate tracks and has an option to delete them manually or just click the fix all button.


  • Automatically detects similar tracks at fast speed
  • Has other features which fix tags of songs.
  • User-friendly
  • Available in Windows


  • No issues yet when it comes to detecting duplicate music
  • Limited to Windows


TunesGoOne of the products of Wondershare that detects similar songs on your computer. It searches all the music stored on your iTunes.


  • Detects accurately any music on different audio formats
  • Available on Mac
  • Other features which is useful in editing any tags (artist, title, album, and more.)


  • No issues when it comes to checking any similar music
  • Limited to Mac

Duplicate Mp3 Finder

duplicate mp3 finder

Duplicate Mp3 Finder organizes your music stored on your hard drive. Start scanning your computer to free up valuable space.


  • Detects any similar music on any format
  • Easily organizes your music folder stored
  • Identifies any duplicate music on any device connected to your computer
  • Available on Mac and Windows


  • Limited to checking duplicates and removing copies and no other features available.
  • No issues when it comes to detecting any duplicate music



One of the known software for recording music at any music streaming sites but has a feature for detecting any duplicate tracks and remove them.


  • Able to identify any duplicate songs and deletes them
  • Check any similar records with lower bitrates
  • Available in Windows and Mac
  • Scans your iTunes library


  • Needs to upgrade to Pro to work
  • Other features not working properly
  • No issues in detecting any duplicate music

Duplicate File Finder

duplicate finder

One of the best duplicate file (music) checker. It may be complex or complicated at first look but once you use it after a few minutes and get the hang of it, it will be easy.


  • Have more options to detect accurately duplicate songs on your hard drive
  • Fast and easy
  • Available in Windows


  • Limited to Windows
  • May be a little complicated for people not tech-savvy

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